Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fashion Mind Games

Here’s my happy place this week:

Spring luxury (Brahmin bag, $295). Would scream 'spring', but in a subtle ladylike way and would last forever.

Spring affordable (H&M, $49.95). Pseudo-Chanel vibe with a yummy boucle texture. Would be adorable over tees or a white blouse.

The mind game part and why this works for me right now (because I'm not spending money)? The bag is sold out and the jacket isn’t carried at the H & M in Portland. So, I get the thrill of desire without the reality of opening my wallet. And, twisted as it is, it works for me.

Anything you lust after but would never really buy? C'mon you can tell me.

1 comment:

tweedlibrarian said...

The purse is adorable - very ladylike.

Hmmmm...I really like a silk paisley dress I saw in the Talbots catalog:

It's not my color, nor within my budget but I like it.

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