Spring Fashion 2012: L'Wren Scott | Diane von Furstenberg

I don’t want to get formulaic (can you be formulaic after less than two years of doing something?) but based on my fall fashion posts I have a tendency to eschew reality for fantasy. Who the hell am I kidding? I’m hard pressed to show an interest in reality in any aspect of my life.

And really, do you want me to show pictures of the clothes you could afford for spring? No. What I want to see (it’s all about me, remember?) are genetically perfect, slender, dewy-faced models wearing clothes that I would wear if I were another person with a completely different life. You’re along for the ride.

With that lead-in you’re expecting Elie Saab Couture, right? Nope. Instead I’m going to get as close to real woman clothes as any designer should ever get with two female designers who have a strong point of view and yet manage to flatter a woman’s figure.  Easier said than done for a fair amount of designers. At the same time they go about it very different ways. L’Wren Scott is about showing off the figure with princess seams, pencil skirts, and tight pants. That’s partly because she’s over 6’ tall and is dating Mick Jagger (I’m sorry but ick). On the other hand, Diane von Furstenberg has reached the stage and the age where she realizes the value in mystery and (God love her) in effortless dressing. She also designs for herself but the results are quite different from Scott.

What I appreciate about both is their fearless use of color and texture. Almost anything goes and I hope you agree that it works.

L'Wren Scott
Simple, fitted silhouette done in fabrics that are anything but simple. The look of heavier textures on spring dresses is a great juxtaposition. And they're cute!

At this point the fried hair and zombie eyes is a bit distracting but I thought it would be weirder to cut their heads off so just don't look. The orange sweater w/ coral motif paired with capri pants with an eyelet hem is fresh. The dress is a bit Monroe-esque but again, I love the texture against with the striped lining of the coat.

Two of my favorite looks for spring. These take pre-conceived notions of 'ladylike' and knock them on their ass. The soft blush skirt paired with a chartreuse patterned sweater and striped blouse is a new classic. And this full long shirtdress ala Lucille Ball? Need it- even if I never leave the house. The oversized pockets and rolled up sleeves scream "This old thing? I just threw it on" while your friends gnash their teeth. And isn't that what fashion is all about?

Diane von Furstenberg

Bermuda shorts! How marvelous for those of us who don't want to look like Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver.  Paired with a girly top or prep school blazer I'd wear these all spring/summer.

All right, you get it- I love a sleeveless shell. Add mint green ankle pants and I'm off to the country club. Or I might just throw on a knit top/skirt combo. Both are minimal effort/maximum impact.

Love this playful A-line shift with an illusion V insert at the neck. Plus, how can you go wrong with pockets? Another fabulous long shirtdress with pushed up sleeves. Yes, you did just roll out of bed but it's Portofino and you're on your way to get a cappuccino.

So, which one are you- form fitting or breezy chic?

If you want a different, more European take on spring visit my friend Sue at Tweed Librarian. She's showcasing looks that are sleek and delicious.

Images from Elle