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Spring Fashion 2012: Chanel | Carolina Herrera

Yesterday was sunny and almost 60˚ in Portland so I’m saying it’s time to discuss spring fashions. I’ve been hesitant for a couple of reasons. One, it’s not as easy to discuss trends because really, pastels? white? brights? These are hardly groundbreaking changes and basically get announced every year. The best you can hope for is a new take on an old standard. The second reason is more personal- I’m not a huge fan of spring clothes. As a skinny, pasty white woman with no chest to speak of, concepts like mini, sheer, spaghetti straps, and strapless don’t excite me the way fall words such as heavier, textured, and layering do. But, once again, my altruistic spirit prevails so let’s jump in.

While spring may not be my favorite fashion season I can appreciate when it’s handled well (from my point of view, of course). It’s probably no surprise then that collections with an emphasis on feminine and flirty are my favorites. I prefer ladylike to edgy, softness to blocky. Chanel and Carolina Herrera both did a smash-up job this year and I’m charmed. Dresses with organza and chiffon skirts, frills and ruffles felt young and whimsical not tired and over-worked. This was especially pleasing after what I felt was Lagerfeld’s scorched earth apocalyptic fall 2011 collection.

Before we get to the luscious dreamy part I do have to make one more point. I ADORED the Chanel collection but the styling? Not so much. I get that Karl is hip and has a fashion sense well beyond mine but I don't like bleached eyebrows (ala Lisbeth Salander) and Judy Jetson boots. Don't.

Some people have bucket lists that include travel, people, etc but #1 on my bucket list? A Chanel suit and both of these qualify. OK, the one on the right is better because it's classic-plus and that baby blush color is amazing. Here's where I appreciate Lagerfeld's aesthetic- taking the iconic Chanel pearls and making them a belt, a strap for a silk camisole and even buttons. FAB-U-LOUS

The slim (but not skin tight) cut of the pants are perfect and both jackets are uber flattering to the waist. I'm lunching in Paris.

Dress on the left is light and fun with the whimsy of cut-out medallions on the hem while dress on the right is a bit more serious but in an oh-so-good Grace Kelly kind of way.

Did I mention my bucket list? If you care about me at all you'll all band together, mortgage your homes and sell off your retirement accounts because I'll DIE without one of these looks. You've got a decent hemline on both, nice coverage on top and yet both are so fresh. Coco would be proud. MUST. HAVE.

It's no secret I love Carolina Herrera. She is the epitome of ladylike elegance but this spring she goes beyond with the slightest bit of edge- which is all I want. Mixed patterns in shades of pale blue, yellow, and deep green and geometric prints all worked for me. Plus, I love her styling- simple, clean, dewy models. No statements here except that timeless prevails.

A floral patterned skirt w/ a geometric print blouse topped with a linen cropped jacket? Should not work but it does. On the right the pattern is exploded in a sweater paired with slouchy pants. I'm not generally a fan of full harem-ish but I don't hate these.

This red is fabulous with a hint of blue underneath. Very flattering and bold. The sheath dress is a unversally flattering look. Think Jackie O. in Greece.

Nowhere to wear either of these but if I were going to an English garden party I'd be all over both. The neckline on the left is one I would wear constantly if I could. Covers up a multitude of inadequacies but makes shoulders and arms look amazing. As for the gown on the right, despite the fact that I own NO yellow and have never worn the color, I love it. It's a perfect hue, like the first daffodils.

All images from Elle

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Sarah Mac said...

I love both the dresses at the bottom although I'm not sure why, yellow isn't a colour I'd ever wear either.

I even like the slouch pants but I think it's probably because she wears them so well, I suspect I wouldn't!

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