Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Fashion 2012: Bits and Pieces

You’ve probably gotten a sense that I’ve found spring fashion to be a mixed bag this year. When reviewing the fall collections I was faced with the challenge of paring down my likes to reasonable amount but with spring it’s been difficult to find enough collections I thought were worth discussing. Instead, in the same way we’re only getting bits of spring in Portland (it’s snowing right now), I was often left seeing only pieces of collections that felt new and caught my eye. Both the weather and the fashion have left me confused- is it spring or not?

Here are some items I liked. Next up is what went wrong with Spring?

Love this fitted Mary Katrantzou dress. She does such wonderful work with digital printed images on fabric. Gorgeous! OK, IGNORE THE HAT. I don't know what Jil Sander was thinking (nurse? baker?) but it's not good. The dress, on the other hand, has a marvelous fifties feel with the updated surprise of an organza overskirt. Charming.

In case you didn't know, Issa is the designer worn frequently by the Duchess of Cambridge. One look at the leggy models with the glossy free flowing hair is a good clue. I see why Kate favors this label- the looks are sleek, chic but not too sexy. This lace dress with 3/4 sleeve could go anywhere. If you need more bling to your cocktail dressing then Prabal Gurung dished it up. Although it's quite in your face I like this bright purple shiny top paired with a somewhat demure pleated skirt and peekaboo slit.

Despite being a little freaked out by the model (seriously, is she twelve? Suri Cruise?), I love the juxtaposition of a crisp white shirt with a glam beaded skirt. If I were younger and still living in NYC this is a look I would abuse. The simple shift goes glam with a beaded overlay. A bit much? maybe but it's different. One thing that does NOT work? Spa slippers. I don't care if they're jeweled they're too clumsy.

They're the kings of bold, bling-y dresses and these two are perfect. Fully beaded on a nude mesh slip works with a simple neckline and cap sleeve. Right at the edge of tarty but hanging back. I used this photo last because it made me smile. What fabulous color. This is a real spring dress- fun, joyful, and bright. And kudos to D&G for being among the only designers to get the shoe right. Velvet maryjanes are divine.

Images from Elle


Sarah said...

These all gave me a warm glow Catherine.

Can you belive I've only really discovered dresses in the last year or so?? I'd always assumed they just didn't look right on me.

I have however spent the afternoon trying on my dresses ready for the Spring (which is a bit hit and miss in the UK too).

If I get some decent pics I'm planning a post on it - no designer lables (altho I ADORE the D&G dresses) but a bit of fun. x

tweedlibrarian said...

I love the D&D dress on the left, and the shoes. It's a great look! I found the spring collections pretty uninspiring, too.

It's nice to see pale legs, too. I hate the whole self-tanning ritual.

Style Maniac said...

I agree with you -- so many things I love for Fall but when it comes to Spring I'm still searching for something to wear. But isn't that always the case .....

I do like the digitized floral prints though, especially the Mary Katrantzou you show. (And a dress on my blog now, which for the life of me I cannot confirm who the designer is. Maybe you can help?)

Style Maniac said...

THANK YOU, Catherine! Blumarine it is. I so appreciate your fashion detective work! (and I'll be sharing it with my other readers)

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