Spring 2012 Fashion: Erdem

I like balance which means when I review the seasonal collections I hope to find at least six I like enough to write about. Sadly, this was not the case for spring. What I found instead was so much repetition that I can’t believe there wasn’t more bitch slapping going on between designers accompanied by shrieks of “You stole my idea!” I’m all about certain ‘f’ concepts for spring- fresh, feminine, flowy, flirty and floral to name a few but when I can’t tell whose line I’m looking at because it looks so much like the previous 20 it’s time to call it quits. Here then is the last of the spring collections I found to be interesting and new for spring 2012.

Erdem Moralioglu is a British fashion designer who takes all of the traits I listed above and uses them but tweaks them just enough that you don’t feel as if you’ve seen it before.

So we're still seeing mixed patterns but what I like is that it's the same pattern spliced into the deisng from a different direction. A little less jarring to the eye. I also appreciate the mix of fabrics- silk with a knit short sleeve and a long lace sleeve.

Yellow again but this time the softest yet. Almost a buttercup. The boat neckline is wonderfully flattering.

No surprise- I always love lace. I especially like the color reversal here with light on dark on the left and dark on light on the right. Lovely.

Just as the weather seems to be dragging out the transition to spring I've got more to chatter about in the upcoming week. Check back in for favorites and my own (fantasy) purchases.