Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Practical Spring Fashion - Mostly

While the offerings were weak this spring and the weather schizophrenic, at some point spring clothes are going to be needed. If you can afford anything from Chanel, DVF, or L’Wren Scott kudos to you- send pictures in your new outfits so I can live vicariously through you.

If, like me, you’re a bit financially constrained then here are a few items that caught my eye in the local chains. Somehow, I've only just discovered Kohl's and while I find the atmosphere in the store to be creepy they are taking on Target for getting designers to make lower priced lines for their stores. Plus, they're a huge fan of sales so if you see something you like, wait a week and they'll run it 40% off. 

Case in point, this Simply Vera Wang dress. It's a lovely mix of soft greens and peach with a scoop neck and pleats that run down the front. A nice length as well. Was $58 but now on sale for $35.

It's not Chanel but for $49 at H&M it's as close enough as I'm going to get. With our chilly weather this is a perfect layering piece.

At over $100 this doesn't qualify as inexpensive but if you live anywhere it rains for days on end and your mood gets as grey as the sky outside, then it's not much to pay for something bright and a bit bling-y to keep you dry.

Cute shoes to cover all your fashion moods. 1. Flat sandals by Brian Atwood are a bit edgy but I really like. Not cheap, though, $300. Sorry but I liked them too much to exclude.
2. Orange wedges from Anthropologie are fun and don't look like they would kill you. 3.Nude patent pumps from Target ($29) fill the bill when you need something a little bit dressier. Plus, nude is great for making your legs look longer and at this price you could wear them for a year and be done.
4. Lela Rose polka dot flats at Payless for $35. Need I say more? These are your wear every day shoes- with jeans, shorts, capris, skirts. They work with everything.

1. Cuff bracelets are still going strong. I'm not interested in something that goes to my elbow and can be used a defensive device but this is bold enough to make a statement and at $10 from H&M, it works.
2. Big rings are a trend that's hard for me. I'm never sure how much they should match the rest of my jewelry and I have no intention of wearing something that covers 3 fingers and precludes me from driving a car. This ring from Kohl's is just right. $16
3. Chandelier earrings are everywhere but I'm not a Real Housewife and I value my ever-more-delicate earlobes. A nice flash of color is all I want. Kohl's $10.
4. The necklace to go with my Chanel H&M jacket. Cute soft pastel glass beads from Target for $40.

Do you welcome in spring with a new fashion purchase? An accessory? New handbag? Share!


Kathy G said...

I haven't had luck at Kohl's the past few seasons, but since they're the closest "nice" clothes store to my house I keep going in there hoping things will change.

Abby said...

I like the second outfit, but only if I looked like that model. She could wear a brown paper bag and look fabulous.

As for me, spring means buying flowers :)

Catherine said...

That's how I am, Kathy! They do have some crazy low sale prices.

Abby- that's perfect! I used to buy flowers for my office at work. They always made me happy.

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