Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Reading

Like any great streak it had to end. After three months of intriguing plots, new authors, engaging characters and prose I re-read because it hit me so hard, this month was mostly a snooze. I read more ‘meh’ books than not. A bit unnerving as I have this secret fear I’ll run out of books to read someday. But let’s not go there.

If you’ve been following these monthly reports then you also know I don’t report on ‘meh’ books. I can be all kinds of bitchy on any number of subjects but I avoid it when it comes to books. Maybe because I have a soft spot for anyone who has the guts to write something and get it published. Sometimes I’ll write a full-on review when I’m bugged enough but I don’t feel compelled to make a list.

Here then is March’s reading. Like the month itself I’m glad it’s over. For the most part I relied on familiar authors to get me through but here's hoping for the renewal of spring. Onward and upward!

The Inspector Lynley series is the only series and the only mystery books I read. Still almost impossible for me to believe this is an American author because she writes British. That said this was not a favorite. A bit too much focus on the sensational and not enough on the mystery. 

My new favorite go-to author except this was the last of her books I hadn't read. Such a beautiful way with words and the ability to capture so many different human dramas with compassion.

Everything that makes Stephen King a master, without the gore. I reviewed this earlier in the month.

Not sure how to summarize this book and have more to say so will leave you with: read it, it's really good. More to follow when I can put a real sentence together.

If you read anything great this month then help a girl out and COMMENT!!!

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Abby said...

I wish I could be of more help, but I'm actually rereading books again, so nothing new to report!

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