Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dad

Happy birthday to the man who knew the quickest way to this girl’s tiny greedy heart was a doll almost as big as she was. I’m your daughter after all and you never liked to distinguish between want and need. If you wanted it, you needed it.

You believed in me, thought I was as smart as the boys and could be whatever I wanted.

You made me feel safe for every minute you were alive.

I only wish there had been more minutes.

I miss you every day.


tweedlibrarian said...

What a touching post - this brought tears to my eyes. With just a few words and a photograph, you captured the essence of your father and how he took care of you. I wish you'd had more minutes together, too; he sounds like an amazing man.

Sarah Mac said...

:) x

Abby said...

Beautiful post. The end.

Mrs. One Day said...

I am brand-spankin' new to your blog via We're Not Mommy Blogs and I am loving it so far!

That photograph is perfection and it's such a lovely story to go with it.

Catherine said...

Thank you, everyone. He's been gone almost 3 years and I know I need to stop marking sad anniversarys but I guess I'm not there yet.

And thanks for stopping by, Mrs. One Day!

Ada said...

What lovely memories you have. Sounds like he was an outstanding man. Happy birthday to him!

shuree said...

Very happy memories of the ones that made us who we are. A reason to celebrate who he was and the legacay he left behind in you. Brings back memories of my Father whose 3rd year was last fall. This post is for you sweetie. Miss you and hope to see you next month!

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