Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Stepping into Spring

Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world

- Marilyn Monroe

To any of my readers caught in climes that are still in the grip of winter, I apologize. It feels a little early to start celebrating spring but the fashion gods are currently out and about on the runways in NYC so, lemming that I am, I have to follow suit. At least give me credit or not filling your eyes with Fall 2012 fashions which is what’s strutting about in NYC. Instead, I’m simply stepping into Spring, carefully testing the fashion waters with footwear. I’ll give you a day or two to adjust but will then inundate you with trends, likes/dislikes and the collections. You’ve been warned.

There was a time when designers didn’t bother with shoes (or most any accessory for that matter). They were the purview of their own select sect: the holy trinity of Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, and Christian Louboutin. Three names that are on my bucket list. Now everyone has jumped into the fray which means there are a lot more choices out there which is always good. Not that anything I’m showing today is remotely affordable to the hoi polloi (of whom I’m chapter president) but it will likely be knocked off by all sorts of manufacturers and wind up on shoe shelves in stores everywhere.

Here then are my top picks for Spring 2012 shoes.

In case you haven’t figured out I’m not a fan of edgy/Goth/grunge fashion. I like PRETTY. End of story. And in the day (before I started having balance issues) I rocked a stiletto like no one’s business. You climb to the top of a two story tall ladder in a pair of heels without breaking anything (including the shoe) and we’ll talk. Thankfully, although hooker platforms and heels are still out there, there were plenty of more refined options this spring.

 Manolo Blahnik fabric pump, J. Crew, Marc Jacobs (LOVE this fabric and design), Christian Dior

When I’m not lunching or hanging out at the club even I want comfort. Still, it’s no excuse for sloppy or ugly (this from the woman who wears a boys’ undershirt and sweatpants 90% of the time. DO. AS. I SAY. NOT. AS. I. DO).

 Alexander McQueen (skull embroidery- awesome!), Uggs (I’m not generally a fan of lines who are so ubiquitous that Walmarts if knocking them off but these clogs are cute), Nicholas Kirkwood (best colors ever), Michael Kors (a bit more chunky than I usually like but he’s working the whole leopard thing so I’ll go with it)

The elements made an appearance in Spring accessories. I’m not loving it in shoes because, quite honestly, these look a bit painful but I’m only here to inform. Wear at your own risk.

 Burberry Prorsum, Tory Burch, Coach  

If this is too tame or pedestrian for you head over to the Tweed Librarian to see shoes as art. Magnifico!

all images from Style.com and Elle.com


Abby said...

We're still in winter, but I'll let that slide.

Despite the fact that I wear running shoes every day, I love the fancy footwear (as you know.) A few months out of the year we have a couple awesome shoe companies advertise with us--Ellie Shoes and Highest Heel--and good lord. I love them all...I'm with you on this post!

tweedlibrarian said...

The fabric covered pumps are so pretty! And I like the Kirkwood flats - the colors ARE great!

I'm jealous of anyone who can successfully wear AND walk in stilettos. You rock!

Shuree said...

Agree, love the Marc Jacobs and Christian Dior. Not certain what Kors was thinking - safari or monster truck rally??

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