Now I'm Just Pandering- To Myself


Seriously, if I had known that this photo existed I would never have bothered posting some paltry flower photos to make up for my weekend diatribe.

This is the holy grail of things you want to look at and I don’t even like babies. But a baby this cute, pudgy, sweet, smiley, and attired in simple (but no doubt insanely expensive) baby clothes- looking like a baby girl not a Barbie doll, well, that is too much for even this hardened heart. The fact that she is being held by her father, David Beckham, is almost too much. At this point I get rhapsodic.

This is how a gentleman should look. That suit is without a doubt Savile Row bespoke, possibly Huntsman and impeccable, as is everything else he’s wearing. The perfectly shot cuff? Gold cufflinks, plain gold wedding band? Sublime. The only nod to his I-don’t-take-it-all-too seriously style is the stubble. Like I care.

All right, it’s getting a bit obvious I didn’t throw this up here for my readers. This photo makes me happy on a number of levels. Hot guy, well dressed, sweet baby (child as fashion accessory- now that works for me)- what more do you need? Thanks for once again making my day, Beckham. Oh right, she has a name. You're a lucky little lady, Harper.


  1. I think I like this fully-dressed picture better than his tatted-out underwear ads for H&M.

  2. Swoon... There is something about a well-dressed man I just can't get enough of. And cute accessory, until she starts bawling...

  3. Sue- they're called nannies. Every well dressed man has one.

  4. OMG - you know I love him. He is so dreamy, yes even with the tattoos! Lucky lady that Posh Spice. 4 is a very luck number :).

  5. Men who are prettier than me freak me out. But I see the appeal.

  6. Nothing sends my heart aflutter like dads with their babes...especially if the dad is hawt!

  7. Stopping by from the Not Mommy Hop. You're right. He looks so dapper :P That is a great photo. Pander away!

  8. I will echo the previous comment....nothing sweeter than an adoring father holding his kid! And that kid is just too cute... of course, as you point out, we might all be that cute if we could afford those clothes! Nevertheless, the little thing is adorable.

    People Do Things With Their Lives

  9. I can't decide who's cuter. Okay, maybe that's easy. Harper's cuter. Daddy Beckham's sexier though. He's definitely got the little cutie beat there.

    Feel free to pander anytime when it involves handsome men in ridiculously sexy suits holding adorable babies.

    And thanks for joining the Not Mommy Hop!


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