Sunday, February 19, 2012

Making Nice

Because even I’m not cynical enough to try and buy you off with pictures of kittens (would that work?) I’m going for the next best thing: flowers. I was a little jagged in my last post and while I’m still fairly bent at the universe I want to make nice with you.

Here we are in mid-February and while many parts of the country are still grappling with snow Portland is rushing headlong into spring. OK, maybe not headlong because we had sleet yesterday but the flowers and trees are doing their best to recloak Portland in color (because really brown looks so much better as an accent against pink/blue/green). This gem is on my walk and I spend so much time standing there with my face buried in its branches that I’m probably under police surveillance at this point.

Lilacs?I'm not sure. They smell as swet but I've never seen pink lilacs before and it's so early.

Bunches and bunches

Even more to come- how lovely

What’s happening in your neck of the woods? Any sign of spring yet?


Kerry said...

The weather's crazy everywhere in the world this year it seems! We haven't even looked like having a summer :(

Shuree said...

I am 'scheduled' to ski in a blizzerd today. No sign of spring up here today in wintry Alta, UT. Please continue posting the lovely pics, they give me hope that spring is just around the corner :)

tweedlibrarian said...

I saw some purple irises today on my way to work - it made me smile! Your pink flowers are lovely. The greenery and flowers up here make the rain so worth it.

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