Thursday, February 16, 2012

Burak Uyan

Burak Uyan. Where am I going with this? How about right to the most amazing shoes I’ve ever seen. I’d love to say that I’m calling this one right out of the gate but while Uyan is still an emerging designer he’s been in Italian Vogue and Cameron Diaz has worn his shoes. Besides, what are the odds that a 50 year old former librarian who never leaves the house is going to be the one who discovers a major talent in the fashion world? Yeah, none.

Enough about me. He’s 32, German but designs out of Paris (because really who’s designing in Germany? They’re too busy trying to hold the EU together).
Enough about him. Just start scrolling and look at some of the most gorgeously crafted shoes I’ve ever seen. These are not shoes that will cause you pain and make you hobble after 5 minutes. The softness of the leather and the fine tight stitching can be seen in the photos. These shoes will caress, bewitch, and enchant. I am so in love that I haven’t even bothered to find out the prices because it will make me cry. I would have sex with a really old rich dude for these shoes. There, I said it.

Hello Spring- flirty, fun, feminine. For all those garden parties. Hot damn, I just remembered I have a blazer in thsi exact shade of fuschia. Add skinny white linen pants and I'm good to go.


Love the color combo, great for night-time with jeans or a short skirt. Look at the craftsmanship- this will never cut or bind. Drool.

He makes flats?! He doesn't hate women! Coral- one of my favorite colors for spring/summer. Need these.

A shoe that's functional and yet architectural? And dare I say it- comfortable with a midheight heel. Honestly, I'm hyperventilating at this point.

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