Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Reading

What a great month for reading. Of course, every month is but you’re not always rewarded with great material. This month I have to limit myself because there was so much to love. I’ve tried to describe each of these books but am almost as tongue tied as I would be if David Beckham knocked on the door (hey, I appreciate beauty in all its forms!).

As an Indian author there is no doubting the authenticity of Umrigar’s prose. She captures the sing-song patois of street Hindi to the delight of this non-native. More importantly, and heartbreakingly, she also cuts deeply into the inequities of life in modern day India. This is a beautiful book about two women and the relationship that shapes and breaks their lives.  

Loved this- wrote about it in-depth here.

Surprise! Non-fiction! I thought this would be about the new paradigm of job searching etc. but it’s much broader. He challenges the entire corporate world concept of work/life balance. Interesting reading if you’re struggling with either.

The Night Strangers

Chris Bohajalian is one of my favorite contemporary writers (Skeletons at the Feast is amazing). He strays from the human drama milieu into ghost stories in this book but writes with the same insight into the human psyche. Creepy!

Death in Summer

I’m a sucker for character studies and how the smallest of actions can have immense consequences. William Trevor is one of my favorites in the genre (Bohjalian also rocks it). His book The Story of Lucy Gault is one of my all time favorites but this is beautifully done as well. A slender book with incredible depth.

The Lady of the Rivers

I’m a big European history fan but not enough that I want to read textbooks. At the same time I appreciate research (duh) so I don’t want pure fiction. Philippa Gregory is the epitome of historical fiction. Her work is well researched but engaging. This book is the third in the Cousins War trilogy which for all you non-Anglophiles is the War of the Roses between the Yorks and Lancasters. Throughly enjoyable.


Annette said...

Love these recommendations...interested in The Night Strangers for me and Cam. Is it too creepy for a 13 year old? She loves ghost stories!

Catherine said...

Nope, Annette, I'd say just creepy enough! It's a little gross at times but not overly so.

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