Monday, January 16, 2012

The Golden Globes- Fashion Recap

By that I mean if you're the type who watches awards shows, which I am. Before I share my favorites of the evening with you I have to apologize for wasting your time by writing about that pseudo-awards show the People’s Choice. An embarrassing mistake on my part because awards season did not officially begin until last night at the Golden Globes. Now I have something to talk about and to make up for boring you with that other show let’s start with the good stuff- the guys. Plenty of eye candy last night but here are my three favorites- and I freely admit I’m old school. There’s nothing more elegant and debonair then a classic tux perfectly fitted.

The undisputed master of style made even more appealing by the fact that he doesn't take himself too seriously. Number 1 in my book

Classic English gent. He just gets better and better.

I don't find DiCaprio swoony but he can pull off a tux. The slicked back hair works as well.

There are many who will say that the women last night were boring. I won’t disagree completely. The whole fit and flare/mermaid look ran completely amuck. Skin tight corseted tops clinging over the hips and then flaring out in a foam of ruffles, feathers, or fabric. Yawn. Of the genre the only woman I thought nailed it was Sofia Vergara. Gorgeous color, perfect fit, interesting details.

My female favorites broke away from the crowd by going with simple lines and heavy beading or surpise details. 

A J. Mendel simple, modern sheath from the front with a wonderful open back. I love how she amped up the look with bright red lipstick.

I'm not usually a fan of Jessica Alba but the girl knows how to dress. This Gucci dress works perfectly with her skin and the beading details are amazing.

Sad to say but the majority of details are lost in this photo because it's overexposed. It's a Roberto Cavalli dress in a soft blush with beading from top to hem. On stage it glowed. The other reason I loved this so much was that Kate Beckinsale was the complete package- hair, make-up and jewelry. Those diamond bracelets? Delicious.

The winner in the edgy borderline-too-much-but-still-pulled-it-off category? Morena Baccarin. I have no idea who she is but I want her hair. Fabulous all the way around.

George Chakra dress. Daring but not slutty. The emerald clutch and hint of emerald in the earrings are a great pop of color.

I can’t leave without recognizing two of my favorite actresses and women who know who to look beautiful but age appropriate.

Like George Clooney, Helen Mirren is the pinnacle of fashion in her class. Sexy without trying to look young and she's rocking a platform shoe under that dress. I want to look that fab when I'm her age.

Jodie Foster in Armani. Love her always have. Once wrote to her asking if I could be her personal assistant. True story.


Sarah Mac said...

sensory overload!!

I WANT that emerald clutch! (and the diamond bracelets, Jessica's dress, Helen's style .... hmm)

asampler said...

I think Leonardo is still using The Great Gatsby stylists!
Helen Mirren is just gorgeous - as always!

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