Portland Shopping: Frock Boutique

If you’re like me and prefer buying gifts from small local shops with a unique flair then a store like Frock on NE Alberta Street would make you as happy as it did me. I stopped by on a sunny afternoon this week (which was a bonus) and was enchanted.

From the moment I walked into Frock I knew I was going to have fun. The shop is bright and filled with merchandise to appeal to women of all ages (even infants). Every table has just the right amount of cute, fun items- not so much you feel overwhelmed but enough to keep your interest and make you want to stay. I met owner Angie Heiney who explained that she and co-owner Ali Wykhuis have been running Frock for over 8 years with a focus on locally made, accessible and whimsical clothing and accessories. This is exactly what I want to hear because shopping at department stores or J. Crew doesn’t do it for me anymore. I want to give gifts that can’t be found anywhere else and I want to do it without breaking the bank.

Frock covers all price ranges and offers something for every female out there. After a thorough investigation I ended up with gifts for one niece and my sister-in-law (the SIL gift is SO cute I’d love to show it here but she reads my blog). The hard part was getting out of there without something for me but that’s called after-Christmas shopping.

These flower cuff bracelets are fabulous- why can't I be this creative?

You had me at Christmas tree made out of lollipops but lipgloss wrapped up like candies? And cupcakes? I'm in love (and no, I did not try and eat one of the cupcakes).

Lots of cute knits perfect for layering (the only way to go in Portland)

It's probably not polite to burst out laughing in front of strangers but then you shouldn't have such rude, funny magnets on display.

Funky oversized copper earrings

Skulls in pastels and flowers? SOLD!

I have nowhere to wear this but love anyway.


  1. How much do I love this shop???

    You have inspired me to do a post on my favorite local shops.

    No. 1 shop being Ginger Fig (isn't that the most fantastic name:)

  2. I know, right?! Come visit and we'll go shopping and lunch every day!

  3. I love the display with the lollipop tree and cute little lipglosses. Must go visit this place...


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