Friday, December 9, 2011

Frosted Morning

I’m on this walking kick- mostly because without it I’m moving at an ever increasing pace towards stress related mental implosion. Like those films you used to see in high school of protons, neutrons and electrons and they’re all whizzing around each other and then in nuclear fusion the particles move so quickly they ultimately bash into each other and KAPOW- destruction. At least that’s what I remember about it which is probably why I ended up as an English major in college.

Sometimes, though, the walk becomes so much more. I even stop walking, like today, a beautiful cold sunny morning after a night of hard frost. I was absolutely mesmerized by the frost dipped leaves on the sidewalks, each like a painting. When I find things like this in nature it’s one of the few times I can truly shut off the noise in my head. I guess that’s called focus, right? I’m immersed in what I’m seeing and hoping that I can capture it to share. It’s still and so am I.

Hammered copper?

I played with extra shadows when editing this, making the colors pop a bit more.

The arrival of sunshine first brings more glitter then ultimately turns Cinderella leaves back into a slippery soggy mess.

Towards the end of my trek I saw a perfectly shaped evergreen tree. It was over 6 stories tall and stood in Christmas tree perfection against the deep blue sky. Two elements: blue sky, green tree. Nothing more and nothing more was needed. I had my camera and was going to take a picture but didn’t think a photo could convey how perfectly right this tree was. I stood and looked at it and it stood and looked at me. I took a deep breath and knew that I will be taken care of. I don’t know how or when and my mind fights so hard that anxiety is a constant companion but when seeing something so serene and majestic I’m reminded of the ultimate beauty of the universe. Beauty is born of love not fear. I will be all right.


Kathy G said...

Lovely pictures and lovely words!

tweedlibrarian said...

I think a walk in nature is one of the most calming experiences for the mind. It really does make the world seem okay, and I always feel more grounded when I've been out in the woods. How lucky you are to live so close to this park.

I love the frosted purple leaves - what a great photo. And the hammered copper - such an apt description.

Yes, you will be okay!

Sarah Mac said...

You and I will both be ok Catherine because when the noise becomes too much we can switch it off for a while by finding the beauty in things x

idiosyncraticeye said...

Just on a walk there are so many amazing things to see and enjoy, it's important to take a moment sometimes in our busy lives to reflect, pause and enjoy. :)

asampler said...

I don't have these beautiful frosty images, but I have the harbour & the calming lapping of the water as I walk. It is incredibly soothing. I've always retreated to nature when I'm stressed, hard to be angry when surrounded by beauty.

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