Elizabeth Taylor: Holiday Bling Extravaganza

You had to know I couldn't let this one pass by without comment! Last week another chapter in the legend of Elizabeth Taylor was closed with the Christie’s auctions of her jewelry, clothes, and artwork and memorabilia. The jewelry raised $115 million dollars which would have made Taylor smile. She was a woman who appreciated bling and made sure that every man who paid homage to her did so with rare gems. The collection was of a size, quality and variety to rival a queen’s which is most likely how she viewed it. For that, I respect her. She knew her worth and it went far beyond jewels as evidenced by her copious philanthropic work in the fight against AIDS (a portion of the auctions' proceeds are going to her AIDS foundation). So, in this season of gifts and giving and all things bling-y here are just a few of the amazing pieces that have gone off to new owners. I’d love to have been one of them but am not sure what goes with sweatpants. Or do emeralds go with everything?

A 55 carat cabochon sapphire suspended on a pave diamond and sapphire chain. Sold for $5.9MM

Rectangular cut emerald set in platinum. Sold for $3.3MM

La Peregrina- a 55 carat, 11 gram 500 year old natural pearl once owned by Mary I. Added as a pendent to this ruby, diamond and cultured pearl necklace. Sold for $11.8MM

This necklace and ring above were given to Taylor by Richard Burton as a wedding gift the first time they got married. The set also included a bracelet and earrings made by Bulgari. Sold for $6.1MM

The Taj Mahal
A heart-shaped diamond set in a red stone, jade and diamond mount on a gold and cabochon ruby Cartier chain with tassels. The diamond is circa 1627. Sold for $8.8MM

This I do know- a tiara goes with everything. This one was a gift from Mike Todd and is made from mine-cut diamonds, circa 1880. Sold for $4.2MM

Are you a jewelry person? Any particular gem that calls to you- even if you don't own one? Even with fakes- what do you like?


  1. I adored Elizabeth Taylor. She was so beautiful and classy.

    I would love to have that Emerald ring and necklace! Oh and the matching bracelet and earrings--might as well have the entire parure while I'm dreaming here!


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