Thursday, November 17, 2011

When The Words Won't Come

It’s been said by all of us at some point or another that, despite knowing the need to feed the blog beast with new content, there are simply days when the words don’t come. For me that ‘day’ is stretching to several days which is quite as unnerving as I know folks aren’t checking in for kicks. You’re only good as your last post.

So, what’s your activity of choice when you’ve got muddy brain and the words aren’t coming? Mine vary but for the last two days I’ve been tackling the Herculean task of cleaning and re-organizing our closet. This is a multi-stage endeavor and yesterday I got as far as taking down all my boxes of shoes, dusting them, and polishing the top shelf before looking at said shoes, reminiscing and getting teary eyed over those I have worn and loved but don’t wear anymore (read: career pumps) before putting them back. I also emptied my shelves, polished them, removed all hanging garments for a good shake and brush, polished the baseboards, and did a full vacuum.

I did the same thing for J’s half of the closet (yes, I let him have half given his metrosexual thing for nice dress shirts and shoes) but knowing that he wouldn’t be happy about any clothing disruption I finished his side by packing away all shorts and polo shirts and organizing his shelves by jeans, khakis, long sleeve knits, sweaters, and sweat shirts. Then I re-arranged his hanging shirts by color, weight, and occasion. All of this will ensure that he actually has a reason to ask me, “Do you know where my (insert male garment of choice here) is?”

Here’s where we stood last night:

It's kind of nice- as if they were just waiting for me to go shopping

Yes, I know there is a pair of jeans mixed in with the khakis but there is only so much I can do

I have a thing about sweaters

Today, I finished my side. I’m a sweater girl so my shelves are: lightweight cotton V-necks, cotton turtleneck cable, casual variety, and heavy chunky turtlenecks (you know, in case I head to Aspen for the holidays).

So now we have a beautifully organized clean closet from which we can pick out the same 4 pieces of clothing we wear every day.

Here are some more gems I came across:

One, and only one, sterling silver earring desparately in need of cleaning. Pretty sure I bought the pair over 10 years ago.

You never know when you're going to need a bandana- and not just for a hoedown. They're perfect for covering your hair in the midst of really grungy dusty cleaning...Damn! Oh well, I'm rockin' a scrunchie from 1984.

Wore these to senior prom in college. That was 1983, the year before I bought the scrunchie.

Lovely pillow I nabbed at TJ Maxx 6 years ago because it contains all the colors I wanted to have in my formal living room- if we had one or the money to furnish it. Still, finding something in the shade of celadon on the back is almost impossible. Right? RIGHT?

Sweater my mother knit for me in college.

The end to this narrative? Each of these items went right back where I found it. Toss it? Take it to silver dealer as silver prices are at an all time high? Donate it? Nah. Any one of them might have a use of which I am currently unaware but will become vitally important at some unknown future time. Plus, I'll never let go of the sweater...


Sarah Mac said...

I need to do that sooo much - imagine opening a closet of beautifully organised, colour co-cordinated, perfectly ironed clothes before going to the ironing basket to rummage for one of the only four things I ever wear too.

My heart would burst with contentment :)

Pamela D. Hart said...

If you really like that "one" earring, maybe turn it into a necklace. Buy one of those wire choker necklaces and slip the earring on like a pendant. You'll then have the choker necklace to use with other pendants.

I wouldn't be able to part with the sweater either. There are just some things that mean so much to us and we just can't bare to give them away.

Helene said...

I just cleaned out my closet last weekend and I came across several dresses which still held strong sentiment for me...the dress I wore to my wedding shower, the one I wore during our rehearsal dinner, so many happy memories.

But they're just not in style any longer and I had to part with them. Not easy to do!!

I can understand why you'd have a tough time parting with some of the items you've posted!

idiosyncraticeye said...

I'm with turning the one earring into a necklace too, I've got a few on my to do list too. Wow, srunchies hit your end of the world early, we had them nearly a decade later! :)

Betsy said...

I tend to clean things out when I'm out of words, too. Cabinets, closets, cars... eventually the words come back. Just, hopefully, not until I'm finished with the cleaning. A half cleaned out cabinet is rather troublesome.

amy@ Souldipper said...

I do my best work when I am avoiding writing! :D

What a joy to get a job like that done. I often end up tackling those jobs when totally unplanned. If I planned it, I'd find a good diversion. But if I catch myself holding something like a sweater my mom knit, well, may as well keep going!

Loved the photos of what you uncovered. Good way to make some use of them again! :)

(I came here from W.O. Edge)

MISH said...

Popping in from Write On Edge weekend linky.
This really hit a nerve!! My clothes are crying out for help! The closet is sooo untidy! I may just get down to some clearing-out later this week.

Nora B. Peevy said...

My best advice is to read. I get inspired and it destresses me, allowing my brain to function again.

I'm hopping for Write on Edge. I posted on my blog yesterday about a NaNoWriMo cash prize contest, not offiliated with a sponsor, but still cool.

Also, paranormal nonfiction author Pamela K. Kinney guest blogged today about ghosts/hauntings. And earlier this week I wrote about my haunted trip to The Marshall House in Savannah, Georgia. There should be something for everyone worth reading. Nice to meet you!

Hop on by.


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