Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Portland Antique & Collectibles Show

Whether you’re looking at the wares or the people selling them there is a lot of history at an antique show. The Portland Antiques & Collectibles fair took up the entire Expo Center and covered every era from the Civil War to the 80s (which is a bit freaky because I still think that was only a couple of years ago). There were several hundred vendors and I saw everything from fishing gear and christening gowns to depression glass and license plates.

I walked around for two hours and showed admirable restraint even when presented with vintage Hermes purses in their original boxes. The box alone makes me happy. Instead, I found the show to be bittersweet. So many pieces of people's lives who are long gone. There were walls of sterling silver flatware and fine bone china- plates for $1.00 and knives for $10. These were valuable once. I guess they could be again if bought by someone who will use and cherish them but much of it feels like 'stuff' someone wants to get rid of.

Next year I want to go with a friend who's knowledgeable in all things vintage. It would be fun to know more about the many beautiful things that are shown.

Apothocary bottles

I love the handpainted detail on this clock

I used to have a vintage coat like this w/ a detachable fur collar. The fine boucle wool keeps you warm in any weather.

This was the one item I came closest to buying as we need a table lamp with a narrow shade for an end table. I thought the warrior motif would appeal to J.

I remember, as little girl, seeing bottles just like this on my grandmother's vanity. Arpege and Joy, oh my!

The style and croc embossed leather is very in right now. Of course, it may be real croc.

Steamer trunk from the 1800s. The workmanship on this lid is striking.

Do you have anything you collect or family heirlooms you treasure? 


Sarah Mac said...

So, so beautiful Catherine.

I have a small collection of Neals Yard blue glass - it fits my budget and warms my heart :)

I am addicted to markets and charity shops. I love the idea of giving old treasures new love.

If only for a day to spend wandering around that amazing market ...

tweedlibrarian said...

I love looking at old treasures!

My favorite family heirlooms are 4 tea cups, two from each grandmother. I love to drink my tea with the fancy, flowered cups and saucers - it brings a smile to my face. And they're not unwieldy like a punchbowl set. (Mom, are you listening?)

iampisspot said...

Wow, I would love to wander around there - I too, remember my Nanna having the tiny perfume bottles - I can still recall what they smell like.

I have two family heirlooms that are very dear to me, one is a set of cufflinks belonging to my late Grandad - I wear them to work and everyone always comments on how vintage-looking they are - and that's because they ARE vintage - 80 years old! The second heirloom is a Japanese bowl that my Mum bought many years ago, she treasured it and it sat, pride of place in a beautiful oak dresser in our livingroom. When she died, the Japanese bowl became so very dear to me - I feel like it holds a piece of her soul somehow. I like looking at it and tracing the intricate artwork.

Great blog post! It definitely brought back some memories for me!

Sarah Mac said...

Loved this so much Catherine that I gave it a little mention on my blog :)

Catherine said...

Sarah- thank you that is so kind! I need to wear sneakers next year so I can walk around more. It really was amazing what they had.

Tweed- Be prepared, you're the person going with me next year!

Pisspot (love the name!)- I could have gone on about my grandmother but felt she deserved more attention and so will appear in her own post but there were things in every aisle that made think of her.

mamawolfe said...

I collect so many things I couldn't list them all...but my first and ongoing collection is of antique sewing tools. New follower via Alyssaland!

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