Oprah- Again?

It’s no secret I’ve had my issues with Oprah in the past but I’ve chalked them up to her insistence on being an overachiever and let it go at that. Who am I to judge? Now, though, we’ve got a real problem and she needs to deal sooner rather than later.

I have no business shopping but if you’re going to show me a garment with the words pink, brown, tweed, lined AND $69 then you’ve hit what I call the “it’s cheaper to buy it than not” spot and I will respond. This sweet little number by Isaac Mizrahi (love him!) was on O magazine’s October Finds page. I haven’t bought myself any clothes in six months. In fact I consider a trip to Target to buy Chapstick shopping. How sad is that? So to see something this cute (minus the scarf) at such a low price well, it’s almost religious.

Imagine my dismay when I go to qvc.com and said dress cannot be found ANYWHERE. Did I mention anywhere? Not on QVC. No info beside the picture and QVC website at O online. Nothing in Google. Nothing. And lest you think it’s just me waiting too long and they sold out (not!) here are comments (w/o names) from O’s website:

1. Posted: Sat 10/15/2011 3:46 PM
Good luck finding this dress - We should all get free dresses for trying all day to buy the flipping thing!!!

2. Posted: Sat 10/8/2011 7:26 AM
I have been looking for this dress since my O mag arrived in the mail weeks ago!!!!! I did a google search, called QVC, spend way too much time on their website. Nothing! It would be so much more helpful to either, know the dress availability date, pre-order it or give us a direct link so readers can actually purchasing it.

3. Posted: Thu 10/6/2011 4:25 PM
NO WHERE to be found - this is frustrating!!!

4. Posted: Sat 10/1/2011 7:09 AM
Did anyone find this dress??
I can't find the pink/chocolate tweed A-line dress anywhere on QVC's website! Please give us the direct link!

5. Posted: Sat 9/17/2011 4:29 PM
Were can you actually find this dress. I can't find this dress on QVC

The first comment was from ten minutes after the issue hit newsstands! I tried to add mine but they have some kind of profanity filter. Bastards.

Do I need to remind everyone that now is not the time to mess with me? That when and if I find something I’m willing to spend money on when I have no job you should not mess me? Especially when it is likely to be the outfit (with a brown turtleneck and tights and my croc-embossed pumps) that would get me the job? IF. THEY. MADE. IT.
Oprah, while you have a bajillion dollars, a multimedia empire, and homes in three states I have the righteous rage of a woman denied and am likely to get all medieval on your ass unless you make this right. Please save yourself the humiliation and grief I could rain dwn on you and put the dress in a FedEx box today (I’m sure you can find my address). Size 4. Size 6. Damn, send an 8 just in case. Thank you.


  1. It sounds like a bait and switch to me - lure you to QVC and hope you'll buy something pricier. And it's especially cruel because that dress would look so good on you, with your crocodile pumps. Bastards!

  2. I will agree with your from a professional angle, as we publish hundreds of product reviews each issue in the publications. While I have no control over whether or not the companies stock the actual product, we publish all contact information for every product that we feature. What's the point of publishing it otherwise?

    While I know Oprah has just about as much to do with what actually goes on with each item in her magazine as I do with what goes into Vogue, still...that's lame. Have you tried finding it through the designer? At any rate, at least you're not alone.

    I only shop for Chapstick, so I can't relate to the fashion aspect. But if they showed a Chapstick I wanted and couldn't find? I would be pissed.

  3. That's SUCH a cute dress. How ANNOYING and frustrating!!!

  4. Ugh, send the dress and scarf to me, but in a bigger size, please!

    How frustrating! (and what a fun read!)


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