Navy? Yes, NAVY

Someone please explain to me when navy went from being the classic neutral to a color as derided as puce? It is SO much better than black. It is royal and elegant. It says 'I don't need to yell or intimidate to win, I AM better than you’. It is timeless and yet I have to take attitude off a Nordstrom's sales clerk (sorry darlings I refuse to call them associates unless they're very nice and have truly helped me) who when asked if they had gotten any navy dress slacks in sniffed (I swear to God she did) and replied, "We haven't had navy in 2 years." WHAT?! Oh no you di’n’t.

Honestly, what is wrong with people? A fool employee I can shrug off- or better yet stomp off and console myself with a hot chocolate from Cacao- but even a very dear friend recently told me that if he ever saw me wearing navy shoes he would have to publicly denounce me. And he was the shoe buyer for Neiman Marcus so he can’t be ignored!

Or can he? Look what little Miss divalicious myself recently came across at (the word style in the url means you HAVE to take it seriously for fashion). Navy, yes navy, is one of the hot new trends for fall.

Tory Burch featured it in her clothes, shoes, and accessories for fall and everyone who’s anyone loves Tory Burch.

These shoes hit so many fall trends- brights, high heeled loafers; the navy kiltie against the colored suede is so much better than either black or brown.

I may not love this mix of separates but the use of navy against brown is wonderful.

Technically, this is more of a cadet blue but even more credit to Tory for using it because it is one tough color to work with. Here, with winter white, it's a perfect foil to a neutral.

I’m not going to gloat about this (mostly because I didn’t write down the sales clerk’s name so can’t go back to Nordstrom and humiliate her) but want to use it as a teaching moment. If you like something and it works for you then everyone else can stuff it. To the storage closet, Batman, to resurrect those navy gabardine trousers!


  1. My pram is navy. I hear ya. ;)

  2. I don't know about Navy, but I'm a huge fan of blue jeans, so does that mean I'm stylish? ;)

  3. LOVE the suede shoes with the navy kilties.

    My boys all went to a parochial school that mandated uniform navy dress pants. I don't think they'll voluntarily ever wear that color again!

  4. Navy is good. I admit I ahve not worn it in while but I do like it. It is like black slimming. What are people talking bout it like is some crazy color like neon green. Really.

  5. Here is the deal: in general (as I have told you in the past) NAVY shoes are a no-no. Perhaps navy suede- but other than that, absoloutely not. A beautiful shade of brown in much richer looking with navy. On the subject of navy availablility in sweaters, pants, ekirts, etc- that is just the mistakes of the retailers you are chosing to shop. I LOVE NAVY2! :)

  6. I like navy but usually buy black. Habit, I suppose.

    My sister insists that navy shoes are the only thing that can worn with a navy skirt. I think black shoes are perfectly appropriate, or a rich brown, as Anon. says. We've argued about this for years - I blame it on her having lived in Texas for too long.

    No excuse for Nordstrom not to carry navy slacks. Haven't they read the fashion rags?!

  7. You're all tastemakers and I hope you're swathed in navy from head to toe. Except shoes. Unless they're suede, of course.


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