Saturday, September 24, 2011

Simple Things

It’s been a fun and fantastical two weeks for me poring over print and online photos of beautiful (and not-so-beautiful) clothes. I loved every minute of it but while I’m already looking ahead to fashion for spring I’m just as content to stop and write about some less exciting things. Real life.

There are few chores I dislike more than mopping the kitchen floor. Everyone talks about hardwood and how great it is but it requires not only mopping but drying because you don’t want to ruin the seal with too much moisture. High maintenance- not something I like! However, my feet were sticking in certain places due to the fact that my husband, like any great cook, makes a massive mess in the kitchen. Time to accept my fate, do the job and instead of hating every minute of it do my best and enjoy the reward. All that Buddhism was fine for my mind but didn’t work so well for my knees which popped and creaked until the last microfiber towel dried the last corner.

 With the sun shining, making them gleam, it was worth the work. Also told J he was not allowed to cook anything messy for a week.

The reward for 8 months of rain in Portland is that once it stops the world of nature goes crazy. Honestly, it’s almost impossible to kill a plant here (unless it’s an insanely expensive Hinoki cypress that the landscape guy insisted was a must but that croaked within 6 months of being planted despite getting better and more constant care than a small child). Our one slender aster plant has exploded in such a riot of sweet purple blooms that I had to cut an armload and bring them inside. No, it’s not a perfect photo opp arrangement, it’s rustic.

I’ve always grown lavender as I love it’s fragrance and do find it to be a wonderful sleep aid (rub a tiny bit of Acacia lavender oil in between your eyebrows (your third eye) before bed and you’ll drop right off) so we had to have some when we got to this house. Like almost everything else one plant has expanded exponentially and so desperately needed trimming (it gets weedy if you don’t cut it back and it blooms less). Here’s the lovely result, hanging in my laundry room scenting the clean laundry and waiting to be made into a sachet.

Such simple, even boring, things but they do serve to remind me that I am here and this is my life. What brings you back to you?


Kamika said...

I use mindfullness to get me through washing my dishes ;)

tweedlibrarian said...

Your floors are beautiful! Mine have never gleamed like that. And the asters are lovely.

One of the simplest things that makes me truly happy is seeing yet another rose bloom on our one rose plant. It starts out as an orange bud and then turns pale peach.

I also like ironing all my clothes and seeing them hanging up in the bathroom neatly pressed, ready to put away.

Arranging my costume jewelry is therapeutic, too. I dust carefully, and try to artfully arrange them.

It really is the little things in life that add up to make our lives what they are.

Savvy Working Gal said...

I use the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner on my hardwoods. You just spray it on and mop it in. No water is involved and no drying. I do have to get down on my hands and knees to scrub out tough spots. This cleaner was recommended by the company that installed our floors. I can't find an ingredient list on the bottle though - probably not a good sign. After ten years of wear - mostly from our two dogs the floors could use a new finish.

Stopping by from LBS.

LionessLady said...

Your shiny kitchen floor is making me jealous! Want to come over and do mine.....?????

And how nice would a bunch of your lovely lavender be by the side of my bed.... so if you could just bring some with you when you come to do my floors that would be great!


Catherine said...

Lioness- are you kidding me? I have to be shamed into doing my own! We're having company and that's the only reason.

Savvy- I've heard of Bona but did not look into it. It would be nice if it was easier but I do use an eco cleaner. I'll check it out, though!

Oh, Sue, if you saw my jewelry you'd weep. But you have made me add to my list of things to do- thoughtfully and mindfully.

Kamika- I do the same thing with dishes, try to go slow and be in the moment. Doesn't always work though!

asampler said...

I'm very impressed with your floors! I hate doing chores like this too, but then find I quite like the way the mindless activity lets my brain go for a wander.
Gorgeous flowers! said...

What beautiful floors! We have hard wood too, and I never would've chosen it myself...they came with the house. I hate cleaning them. My husband is just going to spill something 5 seconds into cooking the next meal.

I don't like cleaning generally for the same reason. It's just going to get dirty again no matter how thorughly your clean. I prefer big projects you only have to do once.

To answer your question, I usually feel better when outside breathing some fresh air. I love sitting on my front porch.

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