Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Portland Food- ¿Por Que No?

The unprepossessing approach- including the hostile parking sign from the restaurant next door, which is no idle threat (we’ve seen a car being towed from their otherwise empty lot leading me to believe they lurk behind the window just waiting).

The brightly colored wall with its chalkboard specials (BAD news when there is no fish!), panoply of saints, Frida Kahlo portrait, mismatched lighting, and children’s art.

The oh-so repurposed patio with its picnic tables, additional religious art, pinatas, and recycling/composting bins (got to love Portland!). DO NOT attempt to sit at a table unless you have placed your order and have the magic number to prove that you ARE. NOT. HOLDING. A. TABLE.

Multicolored flags wave happily, letting you know what you're in for

Eclectic arrangements of bottles, plants, flowers, and paintings make a good source of conversation as the anticipation builds

Because you can't wait- fresh chips and guacamole, which you will inhale and then regret when your meal arrives.

Healthy black beans with brown rice, salsa, and quesa fresca

Perfectly cooked shredded pollo with tomatillo sauce, lime, and radish

Chicken burrito deconstructed with beans, cilantro, lime, and quesa fresca. More chips because they're coated with cocaine which explains why you can't stop eating them.

Gorgeous fish taco with pineapple, cabbage, cilantro, and tomatillo sauce. Flavors explode. Nestled next to a shredded chicken taco with roasted tomato salsa providing muy caliente. Picture is blurred because I was diving towards the plate.

¿Por Que No? a place so burned into my brain for its casual funky atmosphere and fresh fresh Mexican flavors that I chose it for our anniversary dinner foregoing anything fancy. To those who say tacky and dumpy I say, super- please stay away and leave more for me! Fewer words more food.


Sarah Mac said...

Mmm,my mouth is watering!

Very impressed you took the time to take photos, I'd probably only have remembered once the plate was empty! x

Abby said...

"Fewer words, more food" is basically my life philosophy, so I'm on board with that.

It looks like a hidden gem, and selfishly, I would probably work to keep it that way. ;)

alonewithcats said...

Based on your post, I'm gonna say a grande "si" to Por Que No.

Nancy said...

Having spent the last week eating my way through Portland, I can attest that it has great food that does not need to cost an arm and a leg.

asampler said...

I love those paper flags. I have a Mexican Happy Birthday banner that is carefully unfurled every family birthday. Love the food photos - took me straight back to my holiday in San Felipe, 6 years ago.
I've included you on my Versatile Blogger list. Hope you don't mind.

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