Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall Fashion: Trends to Miss

If you’ve read more than two posts in this blog then you know I like to share my opinion. By and large I try and keep it positive but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. Hence this post. I’ve already shared what I like and what I love now it’s time to take a quick look at trends that really ought not to have left the designers’ head much less walked down the runway.

First we have the refusing-to-die dominatrix look. It can hardly be called a trend because we’ve seen it for both fall and spring (in spring it takes on more of a baby hooker feel ala Taxi Driver) for several years. What is the appeal? Shock value? If so, I’m not their target as I find it boring and cheap.

BeBe, Jimmy Choo, Alexander McQueen, Francesco Scognamiglio, Eddie Borgo collar, Mawi ring

It’s not quite the same thing but this season’s see-through dresses held no appeal. I get that sheer is in but in years past it’s been tempered with a nude body slip or lining. This season designers seemed eager to show us their granny panties under some lovely dresses. It felt misguided especially coming from tastemakers like Vera Wang, Marc Jacobs, and Ungaro. Not flattering in any way and in some cases the look came perilously close to the whole bondage theme (above).

 Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang, Bluemarine, Dolce & Gabbana, Christian Dior, Emanuel Ungaro

Last but certainly least is the Hot Mess trend. Yes, I get that it’s runway and that it is the full expression of a designer’s aesthetic but really? Really? It was especially heartbreaking in the case of Christian Dior. You may remember that I swooned over Galliano’s Spring collection (his last before his fall from grace). While I knew he was gone, this collection felt like a mockery of the entire House of Dior. It pained me to look at this train wreck of over accessorized costumes. No theme, no thought, no soul. It was as if the MGM costume vault from the 30s-40s musicals exploded on the runway. Sad sad sad.

As for the rest they are designers who pride themselves on quirky, kicky, avant-garde looks but this feels like a lack of editing.

Christian Dior, Betsey Johnson, Malandrino, Krizia boot w/ scrunchy socks, Commes de Garcon, Christian Dior

If you're atill uncertain whether you've got hits or misses in your fall fashion picks check out my friend Sue at the Tweed Librarian. She found a few more I didn't cover- although we both agree that the dominatrix/sex trade/fetish look needs to DIE.

I certainly can't leave fall fashion on a down note nor am I ready to stop so next I'm going to continue with my fantasy shopping theme from spring and share the pieces I would buy if I won the lottery (no, I wouldn't buy my mother a house, she already has one!). We all need to dream, yes?

Images from Elle


Sarah Mac said...

Although these are a little more like a nightmare!

I don't get any of them either. A very much tamed down version of bondage/dominatrix style can add a little to an outfit but I really don't need any help in being mistaken for a hooker :)

The nude look, hmmm ... no. I prefer to suggest rather than flaunt and if even a model can't carry if off then I don't stand a hope!

Hot mess? Well, to me it's more of a car crash than a quirk. I'm not sure that even the toned down version that will appear in the shops could persuade me.

I'm glad you included this post, the contrast is staggering given that I've loved almost everything else you've shown.

Looking forward to the next one so I can dream a little more xx

Style Maniac said...

I so agree -- completely skip-able.

The thing with those sheer dresses -- you have to find something to wear under them. Twice the work and not worth the effort.

asampler said...

It was a bit like looking through a dominatrix's photo album! Or am I just getting old?

Catherine said...

@Sarah Mac- it's nice to have contrast, right?

@Style Maniac- I'm so old fashioned that I don't like my bra straps showing and everyone does it now!

@A Sampler- no, you're not old, you just have good taste. None of this stuff does.

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