Thursday, August 11, 2011

What I Love This Week- Solitude

Critical preface: I love my husband. I truly deeply love my husband. He is kind, thoughtful, funny, responsible, and smart and as seen in my last post, he takes very good care of me. Lest this get too goopy he can also be a pain in my ass, as in if I’m trying to share an opinion about a British television show and I say $350 dollars he will immediately point out that it’s pounds and that the cost would actually be much higher in dollars. Uhmm, I graduated from college and I know the conversion rate but it’s not germane to my story so why are you interrupting me? Is inaccuracy painful to you?

Anyway, this gem of humanity is going out of town for 5 days. I’m sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear:


Did I mention that I’m unemployed and therefore home 95% of the time? Oh, and he works from home? Do the math and you’ll get my drift.

I call it solitude. Others, like my father, call it sullen, as in "Quit sulking on that rock young lady and go play with your brothers."

This calls for some serious joy and misbehaving. By misbehaving I mean:

watch TV until all hours and eat at the same time

 restrict my food intake to 3 food groups- salt, sugar, wine (yes, it is)

my first encounter with my dear friend, chocolate

take up the whole bed

catch up on messy skincare regimens (they have no idea how much work it takes!)

And let's not forget: burp, mis-use his knives, wait until the dishwasher is full to run it.

Oh the mischief! Oh the mayhem!

The slothfest officially begins the minute I get back from the airport.


Sydney Shop Girl said...

I love it, I'm a bit like you in the love of an occasional bit of time alone.


SSG xxx

Sydney Shop Girl blog

Abby said...

I know you love solitude, but I totally want to invite myself over and participate in the mischief and mayhem...or maybe just the wine ;)

Everyone needs time apart. If you're together all the time, what the heck do you have to talk about? Enjoy your solitude, openly engage in bodily functions and ignore household chores--basically live like me for a few days.

Love the old pictures, by the way. Recapture that innocence and indulge, my friend. Indulge.

Maxabella said...

I mean, sure, you'll miss him, but it sounds like HEAVEN when he's away. At the end of the four days you'll be so happy to have him back because I doubt your planned level of slothfulness is actually sustainable beyond a four day period!!!


Jen said...

I'm jealous! :) I'd love that much alone, sloth time. Although I might miss my family by the end of it, it would still be an experiment I'd be willing to try :p. Have a wonderful 5 days :)

My Inner Chick said...

FAB! Eating junk Food. Watching Chick Flicks. Putting mudd on your face. Have Fun :)

Catherine said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! So far so good- I've been cleaning, working in the garden, and baking but have still had time to watch bad TV!

Kathy G said...

Don't forget to take a nice long bath while reading a sleezy book!

therhythmmethod said...

I LOVE alone time. I'm trying to talk my husband into playing tennis again just so I can have a few GLORIOUS hours of sloth each week.
Enjoy! said...

Your husband sounds a little like mine, the nickname for his Myers-Briggs type is "the Architect." It is characterized in part by the overpopwering urge to correct people when they misspeak. Charming, eh? Enjoy dulling his knives!

Catherine said...

Architect, huh, Tracy? Seems more like the Professor to me! I hate being lectured especially when it's not relevant! Men!

asampler said...

Very envious, but I'd need my husband to take our 4 yo with him, so clearly I need to go away for a week! They'd have a great time catching up.

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