What I Love This Week: Simply Summer

For many, winters in Oregon are a time of almost unbearable bleakness; day after day of grey and, more often than not, rain. At some point between December and February snow will make an appearance but not to any degree as real northerners understand it. Less than 6”, slushy, and melts within hours. Despite my whining on any number of other topics, I’m pretty sure the weather here is not one I’ve touched. Maybe because we’ve only been here for 3 years but mostly because even at its worst it’s so much better then where we were. I’ll take torrential rain over snow anytime.


Right now I’m grateful for sunny days that peak at 82°, contain a light cooling breeze, and gently descend to night-time lows that make for the most delicious sleep of all (when you can get it). That chilly need-a-blanket but don’t feel cold sleep. In the morning you’re awakened to the same crisp breeze but with the promise of sunshine on your face. Indolence is the only option; luxuriating with catlike appreciation the half sleep of morning when muscles and mind are equally relaxed and concerned only with prolonging the pleasure of the moment. It’s a moment in time when I can revel in not having to get up for work.

I’m not trying to rub it in the face of any readers who are suffering in sweltering heat and stultifying humidity. I put in my time in such lovely locales as Atlanta, New York City, Buffalo, and Salt Lake City. Atlanta and NYC at least have vibrant lifestyles to recommend them but Buffalo- well, I was a student, they have good bars, cheap bad food, and I had a perm without ever getting a perm. SLC is another story- a two season town. Winter and hell. Oh wait, winter can be hellish as well. Anyway, dry heat is less unpleasant than humid heat up to a point. When you cruise past 100° there’s nothing good to be said. The dryness becomes toxic as your skin cracks before you can get lotion on it. Not pleasant at all.

My euphoria may also be due to the fact that after 2 years we paid a professional to clean our windows inside and out AND brush the screens. Who knew the sun was so bright?

So here I am in a place with a summer that gives me the same carefree feeling I had as a child; when nothing was more important than walking on grass in your bare feet and eating fresh juicy fruit that got all over your hands and clothes. Breezy, warm but not hot, everything green and vibrant. I am truly grateful for these days.


  1. lol, there seems to be a lot of people grateful about the weather this week.

    It's amazining what an impact it has on our lives.

  2. What a lovely post...the weather can make all the difference to your spirits. Here in Melbourne we are hanging out for Springtime. Can't wait for long summer evenings, juicy stone fruits and warm breezy days! Alison

  3. Our weather still kind of sucks here, but I am sincerely grateful for those days that you describe. In winter, I long for the days when I can fall asleep with the windows open, listneing only to the insects and the gentle summer breeze.
    Beautiful writing!

  4. Catherine:

    Okay, stop. Whaaat? You lived in Buffalo? So did I. I have curly hair, and Buffalo was a disaster.

    Also I hated The Bills. Which you simply cannot confess when living in Buffalo.

    I'm so glad you found me.

    And I'm so glad we got out of Buffalo. ;-)

  5. Yes, here in Phoenix, we bathe ourselves in lotion, haul a gallon of H2O along with our favorite Michael Kors tote, and going out means not leaving home without an extra deodorant thrown in with our favorite lipstick.

    You are living in my nirvana summer.

  6. I'm going to favorite this post for those dreary grey days when I start to feel sorry for myself. I have never appreciated a sunny day as much as I do living here in the Pacific Northwest; your writing describes that better than I ever could.

  7. Renee- get out of here! I hated teh Bills too despite my best friend's father being their head trainer. OK and I dated a player- but I hated Jim Kelly, all right?!

    Mila- it may be sweltering there but you sound SO chic! Work it girl!

  8. Ah, so perfect! I also have curly hair, so I soooo get it!

    It's Spring weather that I love best. Not too hot, not too cold - cool nights and warm, fragrant days. Just divine. Summer in Sydney gets a bit too sticky for my liking! x


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