Weekly Adventure- Beaverton Farmers' Market

The markets have been open since late May but this is the first weekend I’ve gone. What fun! Blue sky, warm temperatures, happy relaxed crowds of people, great food, live music- everything you could possibly want in a Saturday. This is why we live in Portland. Why we put up with 6 months of rain and grey skies and, until recently, temperatures that clung to the 50s. Why we try and stay when there are no jobs and the economy is getting worse not better. Because it feels like a community. Because the rain and weather lead to a bounty of the most amazing, luscious produce I’ve ever seen.

I imagine it is the case with most farmers’ markets but the ones in Oregon are very stringent about only allowing local farmers to sell. It means you know that what you’re buying came from somewhere nearby and, more than likely, you’re talking to the person who produced it. A nice feeling.

Here are just a few pictures (OK, more than a few but, honestly, I couldn't help myself!). If you’ve got a farmers’ market in your area, get out and enjoy and support your farming community!

So sweet- I eat them like candy

Tastebud Farm bagels- woodfired not boiled and a normal size instead of the gigundo ones you see at other shops. Very tasty!

So gorgeous it's almost decorative

The best lettuce you'll ever eat and the only kind J will buy. 

The owner of Baird Farms- best salesman ever! You WILL try one of his peaches and then you'll stand in line to buy them because they are that good

Nonnas Noodles- homemade pasta in so many wonderful flavors and colors you'll never buy from the grocery store again

I know it's an onion but when they're this beautiful you want to bite into like a piece of fruit. Or split them in half and throw on the grill- yum!

Color, color everywhere

Every summer adventure should end with a juicy piece of watermelon. Enjoy!


  1. I love the farmers' markets here in Portland! There's one downtown on Wednesdays that I try to go to - it's such a nice escape from the office.

    Love the garlic shot and I just grabbed the brightly colored veggies show for my background here at work.

  2. I would go ape shit if let loose in a market like that! In fact, I would wear that garlic like a necklace and those bagels like bangle bracelets, guaranteeing no one would bother me, but also that I would be surrounded by my favorite things all the time :)

  3. Sue- I am so flattered you liked the photo that much! With produce that gorgeous I can't even take much credit!

    Abby- That's a fashion statement I want to see! Seriously, it is a great place and my photos only show about a third of it. You'd be a happy camper indeed!

  4. Hooray for farmer's markets! I LOVE the one in our neighborhood. I have to limit myself on what I will spend though, because it is quite easy to want some of everything! Gorgeous colors, too. I have yet to have a slice of watermelon this summer. I must remedy this at once! ;)


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