Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fantasy Shopping

Not shopping for fantasies, you lowbrows! No, it’s almost as sad. I’ve been a good girl in the face of my economic downturn and have given up shopping completely. For the most part I don’t miss it because, really, when you sit around the house or volunteer in a library your wardrobe needs are pretty minimal. Jeans, sweat pants, knit tops, socks, practical flat shoes.

This weekend I needed double stick tape for a project and upon realizing we had none knew I would have to go to Office Max to buy some. I GOT EXCITED ABOUT IT, telling myself I could look at organizers, folders, storage bins. I could take my time and walk up and down the aisles- looking at all the STUFF knowing that I wouldn’t spend more than $3.00 (or whatever a roll of tape costs). It was then I knew I’d hit the wall on shopping deprivation and drastic measures were needed.

I turned off all my internal money sensors, poured a glass of wine, and spent several hours online ‘buying’ a number of things for me and for our house. Oddly, enough I felt better- which could have been looking at pretty things or that third glass of wine but why quibble?

Here then are the results of my first ever fantasy shopping trip and this time you can interpret that as these are things I fantasize about (don’t tell me you don’t- I know better).  

Our poor old furniture is from the days of beloved scratching cat and really needs an upgrade. I'm thinking neutral, comfy sectional

punched up with bright pillows in Indian patterns or

made from this marvelous Martyn Lawrence Bullard fabric (the green/terracotta on the right is my favorite).

love this chair but would want a deep sage-y green to go with the rest of the room

Marriage means you have to have a certain amount of restraint in your color/pattern choices or your husband will freak. This Ralph Lauren duvet and sheet set is a serious step up from the mix and match sheets from BB&B we currently have. Still, it's not girly, right?

Enough with the house- I WANT this gorgeous, bright silk maxi dress from Stella McCartney ($2695). It could be my screw-you-father-time 50th birthday dress!

Love orange and either of these shoes would be fabulous w/ the dress. The Jimmy Choos on the left are more elegant but the Stella McCartneys on the right are SO cute and fun!

A girl's got to accessorize! Not all at once, though. I'd either do the Badgley Mischka cuff (top left, $350), or the Trina Turk coral bracelet (top right), or the Padma gold/turquoise hoop earrings.

Aaaahhhhhh.....that was fun!

If you were budget-free what would be your shopping indulgence?


Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

If I were budget-free I would first need a bigger closet:) I would probably buy shoes and bags and the entire housewares section of Anthropologie.

I love the pillows


Abby said...

And for the record, I get ridiculously excited about shopping for weird things like cleaning supplies and random household appliances/home repair things. Sigh. I'm a freak.

But if I had no budget, I would go nuts with food. And then I have house things I would want. However, that's boring to most people and this is a self-indulgence post, so I'll say that I would hire a personal shopper so they could tell me what kind of clothes would make me actually look like a woman with her shit together. I have no clue when it comes to fashion, so I suppose that would be helpful. That means I would have to actually wear them though, and I do prefer comfort. Maybe it's a good thing I have no money for clothes because I spend it on food?

Catherine said...

@Erin- good point on Anthrolopologie- I never look at their stuff because I can't afford it!

@Abby- if there is one thign I love more than shopping w/ my money, it's shopping w/ someone else's. I would love to be a personal shopper and I know how to do fashion and comfort- that's why that dress is a maxi!

I love home stuff as well but now have to consider another person's opinion which is a huge pain in the ass.

Jessica @ Stylish Stealthy and Healthy said...

I don't even know where to begin...
well I suppose I would buy at least 4 new pairs of shoes, jeans and lots of cute ruffly Anthropolgie dresses and tops, and THEN I'd buy the whole first floor of Ikea. And then I'd buy a pony because what girl doesn't want a pony?

jennifersmart said...

Love the cushions & the fabric. And know exactly what you mean about having to compromise on the girly sheet sets! Not that I'm particularly girly, but I like a feminine bedroom. My husband would go for plain blue everything!
My indulgence - I have a thing about cashmere sweaters & those ridiculously expensive French scented candles.

Mila said...

If I were budget free, I would love a Louis Vuitton luggage set, and a buttery soft leather Eames chair for my office.

PS. I am not quitting blogging. Just want to look at "quitting" in a different light.

Catherine said...

Thanks everyone! I love hearing about other people's wish lists.

And Jessica you're right- what girl wouldn't want a pony?!

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