Wednesday, June 29, 2011

You Know It's Love When....

I got home from the library today and found the Cabelas catalog on my desk with this item circled and an exclamation point. How sweet is that?!

High heels? Can’t wear ‘em.

Fancy clothes? Nowhere to go.

Spa treatments? Borriinnggg

But a handgun? Who doesn’t want that?! And in pink!

If that's not enough he wouldn't need to spend any cash for it- he'd use points earned on his Cabela's credit card.

Back off, ladies, he's all mine.


Kathy said...

I want one! I had a cute little pearl handled 22 that my ex stole and pawned. I think he was scared. Good move on his part, I am a pretty good shot :)

Catherine said...

What a great story! My husband was a bit startled (and so was I!) the first time he took me out target shooting- I'm really good too! In some cases I was better than him and he's been hunting his whole life. It's probably my repressed rage....

Niki Hudson said...

Quite spectacular! Does it also come with a pink shoulder holster? - because that would be the icing on the cake! :)

Abby said...

I love it.
Along with the bonding experience of going shooting together, you can pretty much guarantee he won't argue with you when you tell him to take out the trash.

Catherine said...

Niki- no holster but I bet I could get it bedazzled!

Abby- a gun can't compare w/ the force of my wrath. We have no issues on garbage! Who am i kidding? He does it cuz it's a guy thing and I clean the bathrooms.

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