Friday, June 10, 2011

What I Love This Week- Postcard

Such a little thing and yet it’s not. I remember going on vacation as a kid and buying a postcard every place we stopped, writing on them each night and mailing them off to my friends. I’m not sure when I lost the habit but the advent of the internet didn’t help.

Imagine my surprise, then, when this charming reminder of past etiquette and friendship arrived in my mail this week. It actually took me a moment to know what it was, which is so sad if you think about it.

Here is the god Neptune in all his glory atop a fountain in Bologna, Italy. My friend Sue (who also writes a great blog about vintage clothes & jewelry, wine, and travel AND is a librarian too!) was there for ten days and took the time to find a postcard, write it, find a stamp, and then get it mailed. I know Italy is not the third world but finding a post office is not easy or fun while on vacation nor is international postage inexpensive. All of these things touched me deeply and made me smile. What a kind person to think of others (stuck at home with no hope of travel this summer- sigh). And what a lovely way to share with someone the marvelous sights you are seeing. Thank you, Sue!


Mila said...

I agree. When someone is on vacation and takes the trouble to send a postcard, it says volumes. I still keep all personal letters and postcards that people sent. Sadly, I don't recall too many people doing this anymore. It is a lost art.

Abby said...

That is all kinds of awesome.
While my ADD loves the immediacy of the Internet, I do work in the stationery/print industry and love the handwritten word a million times more. I think it's the combination of knowing they thought of me enough to take the time and effort to find a card, write a personal message and then send it out.

I love mail.

Kathy G said...

Last time I sent post cards they took two weeks to get to their destination...long after we'd gotten home. When I asked why, I was told that (at least in the USA) the automated mail sorters don't do well with them.

My travel agent friend told me she solves that problem by putting the post card INSIDE an envelope.

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