Official Geekdom Achieved

Sometimes when you need a lift the universe will supply one. Today did not start out well and I’m sliding further into the unemployment blues so even volunteering at the library did not feel as great as it usually does. Until…

One of the librarians came by with news about the adult reading summer program. No, it is not a porn club (or my husband would know about it). It is a contest for grown-ups along the lines of the kids reading programs. I read 8-10 books a month so I will rock this one and kick some ass. I can hardly wait until my shift is over before running upstairs and signing up. When I do I get this cute free bag with a zipper on top (which has real meaning when you’re leaving the library with an armload of books in the midst of one of Portland’s downpours). But I’m not finished. I’ve signed up and gotten my little passport (travel theme this year) when the librarian says, “You can also get started by choosing a free book from the cart over there.” Book? Free? To keep? I know how tight money is at the library (or they wouldn’t need so many volunteers to get everything done) so I’m guessing these are really old beat-up books. I walk over and what do I see? TIM. GUNN. My hero. The only man I would let see me in my underwear because he would then take me shopping and my whole life would change. I ADORE Tim Gunn!!!!! I am so happy I practically skip out of the library but manage some semblance of calm until I get home. Then I start jumping around (literally) in my husband’s office squealing about ‘a reading club, free cute bag, Tim Gunn’. Thankfully, we’ve been married for over a decade so he just sits there and smiles rather than calling the psych squad. He even agrees that this is, indeed, a huge day.

There you have it. My sad little geek flag is flying all over the place right now. If you had any doubts about me they’re gone. I’m a zoomer, nerd, weirdo who thinks reading is the best thing ever and getting library swag is almost as good as getting free make-up or jewelry.

And because I am a library fool you should check yours out. Lots of them do this sort of thing in the summer and…they need your support. Public libraries are the lowest rung on the food chain of government funding. One more thing that people really like but don’t want to pay for and if you have to choose between police protection or access to free computers and all the books/DVDs/CDs you want, the library usually loses. Which is just not right. They’re both important.

Can’t write anymore. Have to go stare at my TIM GUNN book.


  1. Ooh, that is a seriously cool bag. I love the library and donate all my unwanted books to their program. Kudos to you for volunteering.

    Congratulations on scoring a Tim Gunn book.

  2. I'm pretty sure our library isn't giving away cool stuff like that :-)

    I used to read a lot of books, but now I'm lucky if I get through the newspaper every day. And all the blogs I subscribe to. And the stuff that comes in the mail.

  3. I'm still happy about the freebie but my plan for world reading domination has been scrapped. This is not a contest as I thought- you only have to read 3 books in 3 months. WTF?! I'll do that before June is over!

    Kathy- I don't read a newspaper but I do read a lot of blogs! Plus the whole unemployed thing means I have more time to read. That's a positive!

  4. I too miss the bloody sport of competitive reading for the local library's childrens summer reading were as good as the number of books you'd read...solitarily reading your competition into oblivion. We need to forget the feel good book clubs of today and return to the raw fierce gritty activity reading was meant to be.

  5. Exactly!! The whole gold star thing used to mean something but now any old loser can feel good about themselves. And look where's it's gotten us!

  6. How cute are you! That bag looks awesome. And A free book! Score.

  7. Perhaps you should pace yourself? You don't want to finish the whole summer reading program in a week, do you?
    Funny how these little things make us happy. I can feel your geek glow all the way in Australia! :)


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