Friday, June 3, 2011

Eye Eyes

All right, I’m not going to head into the weekend leaving you with such a whiny baby bitchfest of a post. Instead, here’s something a little less serious and hopefully more useful. I can’t necessarily say these are two things I love but I like them a lot- especially for women of a certain age (like me).

First, there often comes a point in a woman’s life when years of over plucking her eyebrows leaves her with a gap or space in a brow or even brows that stop growing midway over the eye. Why this doesn’t happen to the bikini area which is abused so much more frequently and viciously with everything from Nair to razors to lasers, I don’t know. One more of those indignities only we women suffer from.

Anyway, I saw this online and while I AM NOT A DOCTOR (that’s the disclaimer so you don’t sue my ass) it worked for me. If your brows have stopped growing it may be possible to get regrowth using minoxidil (the stuff men use for baldness). I bought the generic extra strength version at Target (don’t pay for the brand!). Using a Q-tip apply a few drops directly to the area where you want growth. Obviously, you want to be careful about this because a) you don’t want it in your eyes and b) you don’t want to grow a unibrow. Do this twice a day and in about a month you will have new hairs. The only caveat is that they may be baby fine and if the follicle is dead (not sure the scientific term for that) you won’t get anything at all.

I did this and it worked. No side effects and the growth will stop if you stop using the minoxidil but the Target version gives you 3 bottles which will last for a long time (I still haven’t run out after over a year). And you can get your brows back.

I’m usually fairly skeptical about scientific claims and skin care or beauty products so I purchased this product simply because I liked the colors AND the fact that it’s made without parabens, petrochemical products, or phthalates (all bad). Anastasia claims that after only one hour there is a 29% increase in skin hydration and if used every day for a month there will also be a noticeable reduction in wrinkles and fine lines. I don’t wear eyeshadow every day so I can’t vouch for that but I will say that this shadow goes on smoothly, softly, and evenly. After a full day it is neither creased or nor do my eyelids feel dry. I bought color palette #2 and even use the glittery green in the middle as an eye liner.
With a tiny bit of water on the brush it gets a deeper bolder green- a nice accent for night.

Two small solutions for eyes that have helped me. You can have your brows back and decorate your eyes as heavily or simply as you want with shadows that don’t damage and just might help. You're welcome.

Do you have any eye care/eye make-up products you swear by? Please share!

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Tweed Librarian said...

My eyebrows are a wreck these days! Not only are they sparse in some places, but some of the hairs are growing in white, which I can't see very well. And they are growing in kind of wildly, like Einstein. So, my recent favorite tools are a sharp pair of tweezers and a strong magnifying glass. I've also tried out a couple of brow gels to tame them. I bought one at Fred's for cheap - maybe $3? The color was perfect but it was very gummy and left little globs. I sprung for a pricey Lancome version which has a much better texture.

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