Saturday, June 11, 2011

Beauty- Elizabeth Taylor

I know Elizabeth Taylor’s death isn’t news anymore but when I came across this photo by Richard Avedon in this month’s Vanity Fair I was reminded of what an incredible beauty she was. In this day and age, violet eyes and a prodigious bosom are not anything unusual- either you paid for them or they’ve been photoshopped onto your picture. On her every bit of it was REAL.



Jacqueline said...

She was a good looking woman wasn't she Catherine ?.....and, she was British !!
Thanks so much for the lovely comment ....we really must get our maxi dresses out of the wardrobe and wear them....and, you're OK....I was 60 this year so, you've got 10 years on me !!!! XXXX

Melissa Jane said...

She was nothing short of stunning!

MultipleMum said...

She really was amazing wasn't she? Those eyes were a one of a kind. So unusual. Thanks for Rewinding x

TeachHer said...

I have my students reading more southern Gothic literature just so I have an excuse to show "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." What a beauty!

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