Friday, May 13, 2011

What I Love This Week- Routine

This week’s favorite is a word and concept many of you may equate with boring and uninteresting but there are those of you who will sigh and agree: Routine.

I’ve just returned from 6 days in Colorado and while much of it was filled with fun activities and lots of time to get caught up with family members you are still on someone else’s schedule. This throws me. At first I thought it was that I have lost the ability to enjoy travel (there will be a future post on airplane etiquette) but it is more that my life now moves at a pace I dictate and I love that. Am I worried about getting a job and all the fear inducing situations that arise from being unemployed? Yes. Do I have to get a job? Yes. Do I miss work? No. I’ve carved out each day with activity and sloth, chore and reward, creating and vegging and it makes me really happy. Take me out of my environment and I get edgy.

Whatever the reason, right now I need my routine. Without it I feel lost and unmoored and eventually the fear takes over. If I know I have something to do (and that something could be as simple as weeding the garden) I feel better. There’s something about being in charge as well, being the one who determines what I do and don’t do that is also a factor but that takes us into the muddy waters of psychology- not so interesting.  

So here’s to celebrating routine and the sameness of the days. I’d write more but according to my day planner it’s time for a nap.

Are you a free spirit or a planner? Does routine make you feel secure or stifled?

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