Friday, May 27, 2011

What I Love This Week- Saint Cupcake

Ode to my favorite frivolous little friend. There are those who deride you for your smallness, who decry the effort of your completion against your mightier cousin, the cake, with its simplistic two layers to bake and frost. Others think you must be improved upon and enhanced by fillings of peanut butter, pudding, or melted chocolate and decorated with sugar leaves and towering mounds of frostings made from exotic ingredients.

I stand as a purist in the sweet fluffy land of cupcakes. No fillings, no gewgaws, no fancy flavors- all of which often serve to hide the sad truth of a dry, crumbly mouthful of cake that neither satisfies or inspires. There is no need for such frippery when you are properly made.

Here then are the pinnacles of the cupcake world; the standard bearers by which all cupcakes should be measured and the only 3 combinations that deserve the name. Chocolate w/ vanilla buttercream frosting, vanilla w/ chocolate buttercream frosting, and chocolate w/ chocolate buttercream frosting (a bit decadent and for special occasions only). Beautifully, consistently made by the always friendly bakers at Saint Cupcake.

And thank you for being located in a more out of the way neighborhood from my house. If you were any closer I would be tempted to over-indulge thereby spiraling downward into a cycle of binging and self-loathing. As it is you are my front line of relief from disturbia, crankiness, and the hormonal blues.

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therhythmmethod said...

Love a good cupcake, love this post. x

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