Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tomato Update

April 11th

April 25th

I was not thinking science experiment when I took the first photo but that’s what our tomatoes have become! In just 2 weeks- even with little to no sun- they’ve climbed from the bottom of the windowsill to the heights you see in the second photo.

The outdoor beds are ready and these bad boys will be heading to new homes next week. And then…the countdown to luscious tomato feasting begins!


Saucy B said...

My husband has just finished putting in a substantial tomato garden in the backyard. Since we have such a problem with deer, it kind of looks like a giant cage.
I'm convinced he's trying to turn our home into a self-sustainable farm. I swear if I hear the word compost I'm outta here.
Btw, I see your reading Bright Lights, Big Ass. I enjoy Jen Lancaster too. I read Pretty in Plain and one of her other books.

Catherine said...

Saucy, we just looked at composter at Costco so I hear you! The next thing my husband wants to explore is chickens. I'm not actually opposed because there is nothing like fresh eggs but he, too, is moving towards a compound mentality!

Jen Lancaster is going to be in Portland this month- I'm so excited!

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