Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shoes- Changing Times

This is who I was and would still like to be:

Giuseppe Zanotti sand suede jeweled sandals $920

This is who I am:

Chooka rain clogs $10.46

Acceptance does not come easily.....

p.s. Never paid that for a pair of shoes in my life but you know what I mean- they're so pretty and completely nonfunctional. Clogs. Even the name is functional. Rain, mud, garden....sigh


therhythmmethod said...

I am Mrs Gumboot. Enough said. ;)

Niki Hudson said...

Ah, the evolution of a woman and her shoes! Good stuff! I've never paid that much for a pair of shoes either, but gal pals and I would drool over all shoes featured in Sex and the City episodes, dreaming of someday owning our very own pair of manolo blahniks....sigh.

Ps. I love your wry sense of humor! Great choice for Make it Count :)

Mila said...

Maybe we can take up a collection jar so we can get you the Zanotti. :) Where is Carrie Bradshaw when you need her and her connections?

I am also liking the Chanooka. I can see chatting over coffee with the Chanooka. More approachable.

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