Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Make-up Favorites- Corals

It’s been above 60° for 5 days with no rain so I’m calling it: hello, Spring! I’ve packed away any sweater with a turtleneck and all my heavy duty fleece tops; this means it will snow tomorrow.

Potential weather issues aside here are a few purchases I’ve made recently that I love. The fashion magazines have been talking about orange and coral as the hot colors this year and that works for me. In fact, I’ve had my bright orange JPK Paris 75 bucket handbag for over a year so I’m ahead of the trend in clothing and accessories but I had been slow in adding make-up. Now I’m all caught up and ready for the warm days that lie ahead!

This Sonia Kashuk Luxury Lipcolor in Nectar is both a perfect color and a perfect weight. It goes on sheer and light so can be worn without any other make-up. Plus, it moisturizes so feels as good as lip balm. And at $9 (Target) I’m going back to get more colors.

When I do have makeup on and want something with a bit more pop this Estee Lauder Hydra Lustre lipstick in Spiced Coral fits the bill.

If it ever gets warm enough for sandals then my toes are ready. I tried this polish out when I was in Colorado and it is wonderful- one coat and it dries super fast. I know there are plenty of fancy brands out there like OPI and Essie but I’m not spending $13 on polish. $4.50 suits me just fine and I love this color (Sonic Bloom).  

Do you buy seasonal make-up to follow color trends? What are you favorite colors this year?


Mila said...
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Mila said...

When it comes to make-up, I tend to be favor understated over trends. I like Old Hollywood Glamour - red lips, barely there eye make-up.

In general, the most make-up I wear are mascara and favorite gloss.

I admire women who are gifted with turning out different looks.

Niki Hudson said...

I am very excited to start wearing more coral--one of my favorite colors and perfect for my skin tone. I use Benefit's Georgia Peach powder all year long--it is my go-to makeup item. Can't wait to get some more lip colors and accessories for summer!

Catherine said...

@Mila- I'm the same way as evidenced by buying a sheer coral lipstick! I used to do the red lip but it makes me look washed out these days. Still I love it when I see other women wearing it!

@Niki- coral and peach are nice for the 'I'm not wearing make-up, I'm this healthy and sexy looking naturally'!

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