Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Met Gala

The Met Gala has come and gone and I’m a bit disappointed. Or is it bored? Either way there was less to love and more to yawn or groan over. The men, in particular, seemed to go to the unattractive clownish extreme (I’m talking to you Andre and Hamish). I get that the theme was honoring Alexander McQueen but I do not equate his extravagant sometimes outlandish designs with bad taste. You might not have liked what he did but you could not deny its intrinsic beauty and every detail was necessary. That was missing here. So many gowns, by other designers, were overwrought. An extra ruffle here, more ruching here, some extra lace here. Yuck! If these dresses had been shown on Project Runway the designers themselves would have been lambasted for questionable taste and failure to edit.

You and your sister are on the cover of Newsweek as being "the next generation of billionaires" so why do you always look like Sissy Spacek in Coal Miners Daughter?

Way too much going on and not flattering. Taylor Swift playing dress-up.

I am virtually certain this is the wallpaper from my old Aunt Edith's powder room. Hideous and dated.

I am all for full figured women embracing their curves and Christina often does it well but this is a disaster. Not flattering in any way. Her hair doesn't help.

Wow. Tom Ford designed this? No. No. No. I never thought I would use his name and the word dreadful in the same sentence but there you have it.

Sadly, if wasn’t overdone it was often blah. How many more strapless sheath dresses are we going to see? If I, a middle aged woman in Portland Oregon, can yawn and think ‘been there done that’ doesn’t it indicate the end of a trend? And while grey can be done well there was too much of it and it’s not a color that everyone can pull off (or should even try). 

Colin Firth's wife was able to combine grey and originality into a great look from Stella McCartney. This worked.

Now THIS is Tom Ford. Great color- grey bordering on black with fabulous detailing.

I’m all for paying homage to McQueen and there were those who captured his spirit beautifully. Just not as many as I had hoped.

It's not news that Gisele looks amazing. She's a model, that's what she does. In Alexander McQueen

More Alexander McQueen designs- edgy and ethereal. The ruffled neck dress is one of my favorites of the night.

Simple, chic, and yet beautifully detailed. Renee Z in Carolina Herrera.

The other half of the Olsen billionaires-in-waiting, Ashley. Looking amazing in vintage Dior.

A stunning Valentino creation with just the right amount of embellishment. He, on the other hand, was so orange I had to crop him out of the picture.

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