Not that you have to come up with reasons to visit San Francisco but here’s one that means you have to go sooner rather than later. The de Young Museum in San Francisco is hosting an exhibit of the haute couture of Cristobal Balenciaga until July 4th.

Balenciaga ranks right up there in my pantheon of design greats. His choice of fabrics and what he was then able to do with those fabrics is a marvel. His career spanned some of the most amazing years of change in fashion, from 1919 to 1968, so he went from full length elaborate bustled gowns to short skirts.Women are still wearing vintage Balenciaga dresses because they are so meticulously crafted and timeless in style. And yet, some of his greatest pieces are those that clearly celebrated his Spanish heritage and his love of costume and pageantry.

The exhibition closes on July 4, 2011 so go now! And since I won’t be able to go please come back here and post  comments.


  1. These dresses are gorgeously stunning. Wish I had time to go before it closes, but thanks for posting them. The second dress looks like one I saw in the film, Gone with the Wind. Looks like a great exhibit.


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