Friday, April 8, 2011

What I Love This Week- Vintage Purses

My love this week comes from my visit to the Pittock Mansion. Yes, it has amazing furnishings and you can feel like you’ve gone back in time moving through its quiet rooms BUT the real reason I went? They are having a vintage beaded purse exhibit and I knew I needed to have a look.

There were about 50 purses spanning the early 1900s. I especially loved the fringed flapper purses. Reminded me that I have one from my grandmother and ought to look into donating it for a collection like this as it’s too fragile to be used anymore and is simply sitting in a box upstairs.

Settle in with a cup of tea or something more sophisticated and cocktail-y and enjoy!

I like the coppery gold shimmer of this purse and the fact that it is balanced by a very simple shape and design.

Absolute classic! I could see using a purse like this today. I especially like the inlaid mother of pearl at the top.

This bright blue was quite common- almost a counterpoint to the darker navy of the evening wear.

This one seems so shy and ladylike with its soft rose ribbons

One of my favorites- a great mix of funky and goth with the multi colored iridescent beads and heavy metal chain. The detail at the top is amazing!

Sorry for the color quality on some of the shots- no flash allowed and while I get it from a preservationist’s viewpoint it made getting good photos a bit more difficult.

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tweedlibrarian said...

Wow, what beautiful purses! And your photos are great - I think it's really hard to get the detail of the beads like you have.

I like the second one with the fringe the best, but they are all wonderful. You'll have to post a photo of your grandmother's purse someday.

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