The Unemployment Diaries- Priorities

The honeymoon (read: severance pay) is over and I have to file for unemployment. More importantly, I have to make looking for work a job, as in set up hours, scan databases, make calls, and send out cover letters and resumes.

Here’s the problem (aside from the fact that looking for a job in this economy is damned depressing): I’m already going to be working fulltime in April. Take a look at my schedule: watch royal wedding pre-shows, wedding fashion updates, news coverage, the wedding itself (which will necessitate overtime because it airs at 6am on the 29th), watch RW wrap-up, watch RW fashion recaps and commentary…well, you get the point.

And that’s just the watching- I’m a reader, remember? Town & Country, Vogue, (and the more populist People) will likely do special issues which, again, could necessitate overtime on my part. I understand the importance of looking for work but there are only so many hours in the day and I have to prioritize- my selfish needs for a salary and benefits OR an event of global magnitude?

Once again, I’m going to sacrifice myself. Although I was really looking forward to jumping back in the fray- the grinding tedium of writing cover letters and tweaking my resume to appear qualified for jobs for which I am not, the complete negation of no response at all (ever!) from resumes submitted for jobs for which I am qualified- I’m going to put it off and think of the greater good.

If I call the Style channel and offer my services to do color commentary for the wedding can I count that on my weekly unemployment claim?

How could you not be fascinated by what this girl is going to wear? Her sense of style is fabulous!

So they're almost too cute- it's nice to see a couple this happy.


  1. It sounds like a perfectly reasonable idea to me.

  2. Thanks! I'm hoping the state of Oregon sees it the same way!


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