Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Unemployment Diaries- Sunday Night

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t get some kind of weird agita on Sunday nights. Even if you love your job (or hate your job but have uber-compartmentalization abilities) there are few who do not experience that creeping feeling of unease. It usually starts after dinner and will manifest itself in any of a number of ways. You have those who will bring out the laptop and start checking email, work on a Powerpoint presentation, or get ‘a few things ready for Monday morning’. You know- “getting a jump on the week”. Then there are those who are pretty sure that the weirdness will abate if they just have another drink, a little more dessert…any form of denial. Most of us muddle through somewhere in between, right up until bedtime. Then the fun begins. Either you can’t fall asleep because the list making has begun in your head (and the ‘list’ being what-am-I-going-to-wear-tomorrow is completely legit) or you do fall asleep only to awake several hours later to stew (2am seems to be a magical time for this sort of thing) and fall back asleep at 5am.

My point to all this aside from making you feel jumpy and depressed? I STILL have this every Sunday night! I’ve been out of the workplace for months and while I often don’t know what day it is or if it is the weekend every Sunday night some primal switch flips in my brain causing me to go into affirmation overdrive (or a klonopin countdown) in an effort to fall asleep. Reminding myself that I don’t have to go to work only makes me feel worse (voice in brain begins screaming LOSER). It’s vicious and seems inexcusably rude that this condition should continue when the cause is removed.

Anyone else out there get the Sunday night willies? If so, what is your remedy?


Rene/ Not The Rockefellers said...

I teach therefore I do not need to get up at the crack of dawn during the summer but...
I do have the same feeling you describe on Sunday nights.

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

Definitely know EXACTLY what you're describing. In fact, I'm already getting that feeling on unease, and it's not even evening yet. I hope to one day work a job that I don't dread Mondays on Sundays quite SO bad though.

Great post! Stopping by from TRDC.

Catherine said...

Katie- it's a great goal, I'd liek the same thing! I don't know why it lingers even when I haven't worked in 7 months!

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