Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Project Runway

Here’s why I wish Project Runway was still on Bravo: because they are a franchising juggernaut. They take one concept and work the hell out of it- successfully! They started with one Real Housewives and now have six (thankfully, they wisely cancelled D.C.) and one Top Chef which morphed into Masters, All-Stars, and any number of additional reunion type challenge shows. Are you getting my drift yet? Think what they could do with Project Runway!

Lifetime is not known for innovation or original programming (unless you count putting 10 horribly unattractive, trashy, foul mouthed girls into one house for a month to see what happens) so I’m trying to help here. Why not a Project Runway All-Stars competition? Or a Project Runway season vs. season competition? The permutations are almost endless and the contestant pool vast as every season had talent and personality.

So there you go, Lifetime, my gift to you. Get off your asses and give us more Project Runway!

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