Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Best Fit

In the spirit of my post on Pokeware (still hate the name) here is more great news in the world of fashion technology. More importantly, it’s available right now and Pokeware is still in the future (just as well, I have no cash for designer fashion).

Apparently, a woman with more gumption and technical know-how than myself has finally had enough of the recent vagaries of clothing sizing and created a wonderful little gizmo that will soon be parked in malls across the country. It’s called My Best Fit and it is going to return us to the days of shopping fun instead of frustration.

Case in point: I have been a size 8 at both Ann Taylor and Talbot’s since the late 80s (yes, they did exist back then). It was one of the reasons they were my go-to stores because I could go-to them, grab an 8 of anything I liked and try it on and buy it. Or not try it on and buy it. Or shop with them online knowing that whatever I bought would fit. Do you remember those glory days? Now I stagger into the dressing room of my favorite stores with the same item in 3 sizes because I could be a 6, an 8, or a 10. Any higher and it’s not something I really liked anyway. And shopping online for clothes? No. Not unless they have free return shipping because even if I know the manufacturer I no longer have any idea how they size their clothes.

The chart below shows it not us it’s them- clothing manufacturers no maintain any pretense of standard sizing. Sometimes, it’s nice because they’ve moved to “vanity” sizing which means I can wear a 2 (which I haven’t been since the 9th grade) but that pleasure is short lived when you try on something at another store and you’re two sizes larger than you’ve ever been. It is one more thing about fashion that really needs to change.

Now when you go to the mall, you can step into this kiosk (remaining fully clothed), it will run a body scan and give you a printout of women’s stores in that mall and what sizes you wear in their clothes. How crazy cool is that?!

If you want to learn more here is an interesting article from the New York Times.

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