Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Adventure- Tulip Festival

Sunshine today so I headed south to Woodburn for the tulip festival. It’s not accurate to call it an adventure this week- it was more of a respite. With 40 acres open to the public and all of them overflowing with an explosion of color it became a walking meditation. Despite the crowds there is so much space that you can find pockets of silence. I let my mind become quiet (a hell of a lot harder than it sounds, for me) and then released out into the universe some of the questions and fears that have been plaguing me for the last several weeks. At one point I stopped and stood very still with my eyes closed. It was so peaceful that while there were no answers forthcoming I felt calmer and more accepting than I have in some time.

Unlike last week I’m not posting something that can’t still be enjoyed. The festival runs through May 1st so you can get down there and experience your own version of serenity. If you’re elsewhere in the world get online and look for local flower festivals they are always a feast for the eyes and soul.

My most important tip to Oregonians: wear mud or hiking boots (not driving moccasins); it’s still Oregon and with all the rain the dirt paths get pretty messy.

The crazy number of photos is not an inability to edit but a plethora of riches.


tweedlibrarian said...

Wow, you took some amazing photos of these flowers, Catherine! The colors and details are fabulous. It looks like a wonderful, peaceful adventure.

I'm still amazed at the varieties of tulips. Growing up in Florida, and living in Texas for many years, I didn't get to see tulips in the ground. Amazing flowers.

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

What a beautiful place. That field of tuplis looks magical. I would just love to see it in person.

Money4ThisNot4That said...

We went too and it was amazing. Didn't even get rained on.

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