Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Adventure- sort of

Big weekend with two events that I’m counting as my Monday Adventure, namely because I’m still so tired from all the walking around I can’t imagine going out to explore. Sorry, it’s one of the side effects of MS- a kind of tired that means even though you’re still standing you literally cannot take another step. Not complaining though because we had a lot of fun!

The 2011 MS Walk- Portland

I’ve done this event every year since my diagnosis. One, it’s important to me to raise awareness of the disease and two, it is woefully under-funded due to the fact that it is not a disease tracked by the CDC  or NIH(don’t ask me why not- I get agitated just thinking about it). This year I raised over $3K thanks to the amazing generosity of friends and family. Plus our dear friends Mark and Michael were able to join us so it was a chat-athon from the word go. Love you guys!

Here are a few photos from a great morning- no rain and lots of enthusiastic walkers and volunteers. One more thing- at some point during the year- participate in one of these events. There are so many causes to choose from, pick one that resonates. The majority are free (or you can sign up for a $20 tax deductible donation), they’re almost always a short distance (the MS Walk takes an hour of gentle walking), and you’re outside. If that’s not enough, the gratitude of the people dealing with the disease and their upbeat attitude will make you feel GREAT.

Gorgeous row of cherry trees that line the walk route along the river

My favorite part of the walk- the Rose City Drum Corp. They are amazing (and a bit edgy in their fishnets!)

The Hardy Plant Society of Oregon Yearly Plant Sale

I was particularly interested in this because apparently a number of the plants we purchased last year were from the So Delicate They will Die at First Frost Society. This, despite being recommended by an Oregonian landscape designer. And, in case you’re wondering, we amended the soil, calibrated drip line sprinklers, fertilized, pruned…pretty much everything short of singing them to sleep at night and they still croaked. Over $100 worth of plants dead. That is not how I like to spend my money.

Having had my baby bitchfest I can now say this was a lot of fun! It was all small scale growers so people who really know their stuff and are happy to talk to you about it. We ended up with some irises (they will be gorgeous next spring) including dwarf irises which I have never seen, 6 tomato plants (big controversy there as tomatoes are not particularly hardy but they decided to let them in this year), a baby Japanese larch tree, and 2 clematis (to replace the oh-so-delicate jasmine I loved but which is gone gone gone).

It’s too late to head over there if you were inclined but bookmark their website and go next year. The selection is extensive and the prices are quite reasonable.

Wonderful herbs- orange mint? Sounds delicious!

Cannot get enough of the cherry tomatoes! My fave? The Lemon Drop- bright yellow with a tart sweet flavor.

Beautiful peony

So many choices!

Our baby larch- who hopefully one day will create an arch over the back path

Tomatoes in sunshine just waiting to be planted. 3 more weeks before the frost threat is gone.


Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

lucky you to have a husband who will plant and tend the garden! well, it's the least he can do after such a long walk, right?!

tweedlibrarian said...

I agree that everyone should find a walk/run for a group they find interesting or personally relevant. We do the Parkinson's walk every year with Todd's aunt. It's very rewarding to see so many folks with the disease walking in spite of great difficulty, and it reminds us to be thankful for good health.

The Hardy Plant society - I so need to go next year! I'm terrible with plants to begin with, and get overambitious in my selections. I have one rose bush that seems healthy but my blueberry bushes look ill.

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