Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Monday Adventure- Pittock Mansion

                                              the grand staircase to the second floor

Yesterday I traveled up into the west hills to visit the beautiful Pittock Mansion, former home of Georgiana and Henry Pittock (publisher of The Oregonian newspaper). It’s a lovely 22 room estate built in 1914 on 46 acres; so high in the hills that despite all the later development in Portland it still has unobstructed views of the city all the way to the Williamette River.

Unfortunately, the weather has remained stuck in rain mode so I didn't walk the grounds but did get lots of wonderful photos that showcase both the house and it's eclectic furninshings. Enjoy!

gorgeous inlaid table from the games room (seriously, they have a room for everything- smoking, writing, sewing...)

the formal living room- even on a rainy day a beautiful light filled room

Fabulous fabric on this settee

the bright blue enamel and intricate gold detail on this clock pick up the blue detail in the chair's fabric

A bit over the top but who doesn't love some bling in an otherwsie restrained room?

Love this! Hand painted glass w/ exquisite detail and color

Handmade imported tiles- pattern so intricate a blueprint was created before they were set in the kitchen floor

Kitchen seems small for all the entertaining that was done but each room was separate- this is the pantry and then there was the cold storage room and the butler's pantry

One of my favorite rooms- a sleeping porch for summer nights or just lounging and reading in the afternoons. Beautiful view of the woods and beyond that Portland.

Because lounging and reading is thirsty work (and cream puffs are always appropriate)

Henry's solid silver and carved ivory handle Masonic sword

Ladies evening dress of midnight velvet with gold embroidery detail on coat and lace and gold embroidered bodice with velvet skirt

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tweedlibrarian said...

Fun way to spend an afternoon! I've been there a few times, at least on the bottom floor, but I don't remember all the lovely furniture and pretty antiques. How could I forget that? Other than getting old...sigh.

I definitely need to go see the beaded purses.

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