Monday Adventure: Multnomah Village

I have to begin with an apology: Multnomah Village, I’m sorry! I have driven through your streets on my way to or from other destinations and never stopped despite thinking ‘could be interesting’. Who knew you had so many cute, fun, and interesting shops?! Again, I’m sorry and I will make it up to you by coming back and spending money I should not spend.

It was what I’ve sadly come to realize is a typical Portland day- overcast, light rain (just enough to undo whatever style you’ve given your hair), and a bit windy (also great for the hair). My mood was not the best and I was close to abandoning this foray but I soldiered on and ducked into The Jealous Gardener.

And just like that my mood shifted. Everything around me was light, fresh, and charming; a welcome relief from the grayness outside.

They have a wonderful selection of topiaries, wreaths, garden pottery, and gift items as well other gardening items. Additionally, they do floral arrangements so you could take of Mother's Day right now!

I picked up a new pair of gloves with a special foam nitrile coating on the palms and fingers that keeps stickers and thorns at bay. Exactly what I needed after my painful encounter with a stinging nettle plant and very reasonably priced at $8.50 (Weeders gloves). Before I left the woman who helped me (Jeanine) told me of a cute clothing store I should try which I had completely missed so I headed off to…


What a great store! To find a combination of fun and whimsy in both the merchandise and the people working there is unusual indeed. Everyone was so relaxed and happy as well as knowledgeable- a great vibe when you’re shopping. The selection of both clothes and shoes fits into that hip but not trendy category- so covers a variety of women, which is no small feat. Plus they have an entire sale room upstairs with all kinds of great stuff.

They do have an online catalog for the shoes if you want to check it out but I recommend going to the store. It’s too much fun to miss.

Love these denim looking leather shoes. Funky but comfortable

Unique leather accessories. I'm pretty sure I'll be buying one of the sweet wallets with flowers on the outside

I wanted some pink earrings for casual wear and voila! Super cute