The Lure of Oprah

Yes, she makes me tired. And yes, she adds to my feelings of inadequacy as she is working her way towards world domination and I am working my way towards 25% body fat. Why then am I compelled to buy her magazine? There are two mitigating factors (excuses): it’s at CostCo for 30% off (I love a bargain!) and I need something to read while I eat my $1.50 hotdog (don’t start with that). Still, there is a rack filled with magazine options and I fall for her every time. Somehow I believe what she’s selling; that despite my inherent laziness and confusion whatever I read in the pages of her magazine will have the profound ability to change my very nature. That after reading the articles my goals and actions will coalesce and I too will be on the path of fulfilling my greatest good. Or at least to making piles of money.

Or maybe that’s not the way this plays out. Maybe Oprah is not invincible. I just went to her much vaunted new TV station and as far as I can tell it is all recycled content. Not new or innovative but the same old Dr. Phil/Oprah show re-runs.

Is it possible? Has she finally hit the handcrafted-sustainably- harvested-Hawaiian-teak wall? It’s called the dark side, Oprah, and it’s filled with all of us who are working for a paycheck, thinking about losing weight but eating at McDonalds, using our journal to write the grocery list (which is carb loaded), and neglecting our vision boards to watch really bad reality TV. Come on over….you know you want to.


  1. Catherine, This post was really funny. I too am always lured by her magazines, but I find they do really fill me with hope and optimism (even if they don't keep me from eating hot dogs or their equivalent). Haven't seen her network but the reviews seem so bad! Such a shame!

    I also wanted to tell you how seduced I was by your description of your late-afternoon sun reading spot. Sounds like heaven...

  2. That's my problem with her- they do the same thing for me! I feel energized after I read them but I just can't seem to maintain the momentum. Hence the quiet green reading room!

  3. I got sucked in to buying O mag this week, and was so disappointed that it was FULL OF ADVERTISING. Advertising that tells me I need more skin creams and less food. None of this makes me feel very good.
    I did love reading Oprah's journals - she was as insecure about men as we all are in our 20s. I think this is why we love her: she is every woman. At least, she appears to be until we remember that she is a BILLIONAIRE.
    Great post. I'm now following your blog.

  4. Thank you- I'm so glad you like it! You're right about Oprah which is probably why I can't stop writing about her.


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